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Wordly wise book 6 lesson 4 activity

No description

tiff baida

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Wordly wise book 6 lesson 4 activity

Class DOJO quiet BEFORE bell
Daily Planner
Monday: Wordly Wise lesson 4
Tuesday: Smarter Balanced Preview
Wednesday: WW Lesson 4
Thursday: WW Lesson 4-Packet due
Friday: No school-conferences
*Read AR book

Teams of 4/5 on your whiteboard AND in your ISN.
1. Create own definition
2. Identify the part of speech; noun, verb, etc.
3. Use it in a complete sentence
4. Draw a picture
5. Present to class

* While presenting audience students:
1. Write WW word.
2. Write definition.
3. Draw a picture OR write a complete sentence.
Group 1:

Group 4:
1. aloft 9. moor
2. attain 10. plummet
3. buffet
Group 5:
Group 2:
11. pollute
4. elude 12. propel
5. flammable 13. stationary
6. hover
Group 6:
Group 3:
14. superb
7. inflate 15. swivel
8. jeopardy
Exit Ticket
In your ISN

Choose a new WW word & complete ONE of the following:
1. Draw a picture.
2. Define.
3. Create a hashtag.
4. Use in a complete sentence.

Example: #attain success!
WW Vocabulary
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