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Freitag Campaign

No description

Abbey Loos

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Freitag Campaign

Ark Creative plans to implement Freitag mobile billboard advertising in locations specific to our young, urban target market. Each advertisement will display a link to the Freitag Facebook page. These locations include:
The CBDs
University campuses
Public transport zones
Design & fashion stores
Art galleries
Cycling shops
Mobile Billboard Advertising
Australian Campaign
Freitag Creative Pitch
The Brief
Client: Freitag
Media Budget: $2 million
Media Preference: Digital and traditional media
Geographical coverage: Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)
Background: The Swiss company Freitag manufactures bags and accessories made from recycled materials such as bicycle tarps, discarded seatbelts and recycled airbags.
Objective: Develop a campaign to successfully raise awareness for the brand and drive sales in the Australian market
ARK agency has been approached with the opportunity to pitch a campaign for Freitag. We aim to effectively introduce the Freitag brand to the Australian market through unique marketing strategies that will reach the specific consumers. Through the integration of digital media and outdoor advertising,
Who is Freitag?
Competitor Analysis
Candybags- handbags made from recycled candy wrappers, newspaper clippings and soda bottle labels
The Green Pavilion- recycled fashion products
Target market
Primary target audience:
Urban, active females
17-25 years of age
Appreciation for the environment and sustainable materials
Upper middle class
Secondary target audience:
Mobile, urban males
Ages of 17-32
Values functionality and dexterity
Upper middle class.
Media Usage Insights
Youtube is heavily access by both our primary and secondary audiences.
Members of our target demographics acknowledged to spend significant time around city CBD’s, University campuses, public transport areas and fashion stores.
With social media growing rapidly, Freitag can reach thousands of consumers through these high traffic platforms.
Creative Brief
Increase brand awareness and brand image of Freitag within Australian market, particularly Sydney and Melbourne.
Drive Freitag’s product sales up within the Australian market.
Effectively engage consumers with brand through the use of both Traditional and Digital forms of media.
Heighten availability and accessibility to Freitag’s products for consumers
Provide a greater view of the personality behind the brand to members of the public
Obtain a strong sense of brand loyalty from consumers
Communication Goals
· Mobile Billboard advertising is to be utilized in order to maximise advertising coverage across targeted locations in Sydney and Melbourne.
· Web banner advertisements to be employed in order to heighten exposure
· A YouTube video is to be created and posted in order to build hype across the web
· Establishing of Facebook and Instagram accounts to act as an information, communication and promotional platform.
The following Media channels have been selected for this campaign:
- Mobile Billboard advertising
- Web banner advertising
- YouTube pre-roll advertising
- Social Media – (Facebook & Instagram)
In order to encapsulate the essence of Freitag, we at Ark creative have established a slogan to be used throughout our advertising campaign. In order to do this, we identified the key characteristics of Freitag that we see as most marketable to the public. These were decided to be
- The Sustainable manner in which Freitag products are produced
- The Personalized/ Individualistic feeling consumers receive in purchasing Freitag.
Our world, my bag- Freitag.
Web Banner Advertising

Web banners will be placed on target market relevant websites such as:

Online bicycle shops
Retro modern fashion websites
Luxury item websites

The ads will redirect to the Freitag website where purchases, additional information sourcing and contact can be made with the brand.

In order to maximise the reach of Freitag’s new campaign, a YouTube pre-roll advertisement will be produced as an online advertising tool. This will be employed as a means of visually building hype around the newly introduced Freitag products in Australia.
YouTube Pre-roll Advertisement (30 second clip)
Create facebook page
Post regular uploads of photos of production, news regarding the brand, and customer testimonials.
Create the Freitag Instagram
Post photos of the Freitag production process, staff members, products and facilities
Hosts various competitions inciting users to hashtag #Freitagme on their favorite products in hopes of winning
A series of surveys will be conducted across various platforms such as:
- Facebook & Instagram profile where likes generated will be monitored
- Freitag website will offer special ‘discount code’ incentives for consumers that are willing to partake in the survey
Launch event
Freitag will host a Triathlon event in Sydney that will take place in the fifth and final week of our campaign and include ages from 17 and up.
The Freitag concept is an environmentally conscious one, they are an urban company, using 100% recyclable urban materials, focusing on creating quality, functional and intelligent designs with an emphasis on unique individuality for no single bag is create the exact same.
Team members:
Kera Lill, Richy Martin, Abbey Loos

Mobile billboards: $27,000
Web banner: $32, 500
YouTube pre-roll: $4,400
Facebook: $500
Instagram: $500
Event: $500,000
Total: $597,400
Media Schedule
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