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chinese culture!

No description

gemma faries

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of chinese culture!

China and its culture! Clothing in China Women's Chinese clothes are very neatly embroidered and have lots of beautiful patterns. Women also were lots of makeup. (if they are wearing traditional clothes). They also take a lot of time getting ready and then they go out to restaurants to make them look very pretty!
They also wear pretty clothes for special occasions. Mens are very similar in a way because they are embroidered beautifuly as well as the ladies. They tend to have a long neck to make them look good.
Men also like to get dressed up when they are going to big events like weddings lets go to CHINA THIS IS GREAT, LETS EXPLORE MORE !!!!!!!! Food In China ! The food in china is very delicious ! It is named oriental. The food normally has a special taste to it, that is completely gorgeous. Go on buy a chines take away !
ANIMALS IN CHINA The animals in china are pandas, snakes and lizards. Pandas are very rare, you only see them in china and in a couple of zoo's! China is really lucky to have them. wow this is interesting let find out
some more amazing facts ! chinese new year Chinese new year is a special celebration in china. Other countries take part in a chinese new year if they want. Many schools around the world study it and may do something special on the day! chinese new year is a nice celebration and good fun!!! "I wonder what dragon dancing is" ?
Look at this video and see what it is and
what it looks like! Dragon dancing ! BY GEMMA FARIES :P Now lets find out some information about animals in china ! CLICK ON THIS HYPERLINK FOR SOME MORE INTERESTING VIDEOS ABOUT CHINA!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE FOUND OUT LOTS OF INFORMATION ABOUT CHINA !
THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. BY GEMMA ! Here is just another video for you to watch ! THE END THANK YOU FOR
WATCHING ! what is dragon dancing, move on to
find out about dragon dancing! you may have to wait a while for the video to load.
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