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The Matrix - Fate vs Choice

No description

Rachel .

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of The Matrix - Fate vs Choice

The Matrix - Fate vs Choice
What is fate?
What is choice?
- Involves mentally making a decision, judging the outcomes of multiple options and selecting one or more of them.
- An act of choosing between two or more possibilities

Fate in The Matrix
- It Is inevitable that the best example of fate in the film, Is Neo’s destiny for being the ‘one’. This occurs throughout the scene with the Oracle, who can predict the future. The Oracle told Neo that he was not the ‘one’. However she does say, “maybe in your next life”. He went on disappointed that he wasn't although ironically, after his attempt to save Morpheus, he is shot down and killed, he then awakens in his ‘next life’ and the oracles predictions came true, he was in fact, the ‘one’.
Choice in The Matrix
Neo is offered an option to either consume the red pill or the blue pill. Selecting the red pill, would result in the truth of the real world being revealed to him, whereas choosing the blue pill would allow him to continue and forget everything about The Matrix, in ignorance. Due to this, Neo carefully observes and judges the outcomes of each decision. Neo decides to choose the red pill. If he chose the blue pill, would he have ended up in the same situation at the end of the movie?

- Is the idea that the future is already planned
even if people do not know what their fate is.
- Is regarded as the ‘course that
life takes’. It is not in one's control. People may
believe that fate is pre-destined and nothing can
be changed, but is this really true?

Meaning of fate in The Matrix
In a particular scene in The Matrix, Morpheus asks Neo,
"Do you believe in fate Neo?"
"Why not?"
"Because I don't like the idea of not being in control of my life."
"I know exactly what you mean"
More choice in The Matrix
In a particular scene, the Oracle tells Neo, he has to make a choice between Morpheus' death or his own. Neo decides to live and not accept his death within The Matrix. When the time comes, Neo believes both himself and Morpheus can survive so he makes the choice to try and save him, in which he does succeed.
Fate in real life
-Religiously, God determines our fate because he already predestined our lives from the very beginning.
- Death is an example of fate, it is an inescapable and inevitable consequence of living.
- A modern example of fate, is a homeless man who wins the lottery, who then can afford the education and builds the knowledge needed to become a doctor- he then finds the cure to cancer – Some may argue this is just luck or a coincidence, however it is in fact fate.

Choice in real life

-In life, we are always brought up with decisions,
some easy to decide, and some more critical that can determine and impact our whole future. We make choices about everything, such as our religion, education, occupations, friends, family and simple things like what to eat for dinner, or how you should spend your Friday night.

What lead to Neo being the one?
Choice or fate?
Overall, in my views, I believe it was choice that over ruled. Neo's decision to consume the red pill, was the biggest form of choice in the film, it was this which made him realise he was in fact the 'one'. If Neo chose the blue pill, the ending would surely have been entirely different. Although fate does play a role in the ending, Neo's actions and choices brought him to the point he was at, at the end of the film.
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