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Family Tree


Martha Jeanice

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Family Tree

Hemmerling/Hammerling and Jeanice Family tree
Francis Hammerling
Patricia Lund
Bonnie Jeanice
Martha Jeanice
Four Generations

Born January 5th, 1967
currently 48
Bonnie Jeanice
(Daughter of Patrica Lund)
Born July 28, 1948
Currently 66
Pat Lund
(daughter of Tony Hammerling)
Born April 17th, 1917
Died at 94
Born April 17, 1917
Cavalier, North Dakota
Means of Transportation: Cars, trains, planes and buses
Born in January 5th, 1967
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Origin and Means of Transportation
April 17th 1917- Born
June 21st, 1925- mother died
late 1925- Dad moved to North Dakota
1926 - all 8 were put into an orphanage
April 8th, 1927- Frankie (brother) died
around 1930- Completed 8th grade at St. Mary's School
1928- Dad marred Martha Solberg
1934- Graduated High Shchool with Leona (Sister)
1934- Attended college, Valley City State teachers College
August 5th, 1943- Married Gerhard Warling
1981- Chair man of Lake Park Children's Home reunion
June 30th 1990- Gerhard Died
April 25th, 2011- Died
April 30th, 2011- funeral
Time Line
July 28,1966-Graduated form Central high School
1964-Sister Died
1966-Got Married
1967-First Child
1968- Second child was born
1970- Working at the hospital
1972- Third child was Born
1975- Fourth child was born
2012- Diagnosed with Eye Cancer
currently living in North Dakota
Time Line
1984-Army Reserved
1985- Graduated High school
1986-Active Duty
1990- First child was born
1995-Second child was born
Time Line
Born March 26, 1998
currently 16 years old
Martha Jeanice
(Daughter of Bonnie Jeanice)
Born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina
March 26th, 1998
Origin and Means of Transportation
1998-Martha Jeanice was born
2000-got a first pet
2001- 9/11
2003- moved to Manheim, Germany
2006-parents got divorced
2008-moved to Everett, Washington
2009-started to play my first instrument
2011-won VP for freshman class
2012-got braces
2012-went to the inauguration
2014-won ASB Treasurer

Time Line
Transportation: Cars, Planes, Boats, Trains, buses and electric cars.
She liked to ride in her dad car
She remembered how every winter her dad would come up for Minnesota come to the orphanage and spend Christmas day with them
Married for 47 years.
had 3 girls and 1 boy
Married for 49 years
Cabin in Minnesota
Hammerling Ave
has 3 girls
in military for 22 years
Loves to learn
Hopes to become a doctor before she dies
I have been a girl scout since Kindergarten
My intermediate females in the family has all B's as a first name
I have spent almost 1/2 my life in a different country
I love to travel; I've been to:
Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, Canada, liechtenstein, Vatican City (country with in a country), Belguim, and Spain

Transportation: Cars, Planes, Trains, buses and boats.
Origin and Means of Transportation
Born July 28th, 1948
Grand Forks, N.D.
Origin and Means of Transportation
Means of transportaion: Boat, Train, Horse and Buggy/bob sleigh (in winter), Few cars
North Dakota news paper
Family Tree
1998-Third child was born
Currently-Working at Overlake Hospital
Francis Hammerling
(Sister of Tony Hemmerling)
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