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Twitter for Business

No description

Mary Michalak

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Twitter for Business

Key Twitter Terms
: brief post that is limited to 140 characters.

: how other Twitter users monitor your posts- your tweets then appear in their activity stream
Key Twitter Terms
: @symbol appears before the text, intended by as a response

: the @ symbol and the username may appear anywhere within the tweet to bring the tweet
Twitter Today
Over 1 billion registered users
250 million active users
Katy Perry has the most followers with over 83 million
Fastest growing social media network in the world
fasting growing demographic is 55-64 year olds
China has the most Twitter users
53% of Twitter users never post any updates but do listen
Average user has 208 followers
History of Twitter
Founded in 2006
First tweet was from founder Jack Dorsey "just setting up my twttr"

History of Twitter
Twitter for Business
Key Terms: Twitter
: Reposting a tweet on your own twitter stream

: words in tweets that begin with the # symbol in order to organize tweets by topic
Twitter and Business
Builds/sustains your brand identity

Helps customer connect and interact with your business

Increases sales

Promotes sales, discounts, special events

Can provide customer service support

Handles customer complaints/can respond quickly
Advertising on Twitter
Promoted Tweet: tweets display directly in user's feed or targeted towards particular search terms

Twitter charges per click--you can choose how much you want to spend
Advertising on Twitter
Promoted Account: Promotes your twitter account in the search results and who to follow section

Twitter charges you for every new follower
Advertising and Twitter
Promoted Trends: allows you to choose a relevant hastag and place your tweet at the top of trending topics
Advertising and Twitter
Twitter Analytics: provides information about # of people that followed your business, demographics, and timeline
Twitter Activity
-You will be divided into 7 groups
-Each group is responsible for researching and sharing 5 facts about their given topic
-You will share these facts in a Twitter post,
-Mention plhsdeca in your post and use the hasthtag #marketingtwitterfacts

Twitter Topics
-history of twitter
-business uses of twitter
-advertising on twitter
-pop culture on twitter
-features of twitter
-most followed people and businesses
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