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Ship 'n Park

Brought to you by team N.E.I.N.

What is this Bilbo

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Ship 'n Park

The Problem͡
Rickety Bridge
To insure the safety of the children playing on our playground, we included the following safety precautions.
Soft padding at least 6 ft. around the playground
Safety railings where children could fall
Adequate space for childen
No "pinch" points
The playground being under the maximum height standard
Presented By:
Jaiden Arabe, Willie Deng, Daniel

Dörr, Zackry Struve, and Calvin Tang


Generating Concepts
For the theme, we had to make it interesting and appropriate for the children. As a result we chose to make our playground revolve around a shipwreck. Some components we thought of were:
Monkey Bars
Dual Slide
Balance Beam
A playground of an elementary school has become unsafe to be played on and must be replaced.
Industry of

Our Solution
We will create a playground which is both interesting and safe for students, using previous
and new knowledge of playgrounds.
Swirly Slide
Final Playground Assembly
Why should you choose this playground?
Sliding Pole
The End!
Hi Calvip If You Can See This
Straight Slide
Ship N' Park
We tries to make this playground as safe as possible.
We tried to create an environment that all students would enjoy.
We also put lots of time and rescources into this project.
We have past experience with this subject.
For our reaserch, we had to find safety hazards and implement safeguards into our components. We did this by visiting a playground and by searching the internet.
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