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No description

Dami Anandbazar

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Obesity...

- Obesity #2 cause of preventable deaths in the US...
- Can cause countless different types of diseases...
- Will significantly lower life expectancy...

In the eyes of many, obesity is simply...
How obesity slowly kills people...
- Obesity directly linked with variety of diseases...
- Doubles the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure...
- Strongly linked with diabetes mellitus type 2...
- Arthritis and Asthma only 2 of a possible 20> diseases...
- Sleep apnea...
- Fatty liver...
- Multiple types of cancer...
- Stroke...
- Stress...
- Public Discrimination...
Fast Food or Fat Food?
- Possibly the most popular dining place in the world is McDonalds.
- Taste, Price, Quickness, Accessibility main reasons for people eat it.
- Fast Food high in fat, sodium, sugar.
- Chicken nuggets from chickens with abnormally large breasts.
- Countless additives used in fast food.
- 1/3 of children in US aged 4-19 eat fast food everyday.
- The salad of fast food restaurants has sugar in it.
- Fatty Liver
- Lack of energy
- Grumpiness
- Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and ultimately obesity.
- A cosmetic issue
- "Obesity is not a problem"
- "Obesity only affects America"
What exactly is obesity?
- Minimal exercise, fatty foods cause excessive body weight
- BMI of over 30 thought of as obese.
- Excessive body weight increases risk of health problems.
- More than just overweight. Obese means extremely fat.
So why do we become obese?
- Increased reliance on cars
- Insufficient sleep
- Environmental pollutants interfering with metabolism
- Pregnancy during latter age
- Inability to lose weight after giving birth
- Use of medication that can cause weight gain
- Consumption of foods high in fat and sugar
- Sugary drinks
- Larger portions at fast food places to increase sale
- Usually caused by poor diet and little exercise
- Few cases of obesity being caused by genetics
Just a look at a few of
the problems obesity can
- Hypertension - Steatohepatitis
- Coronary heart disease - Insulin Resistance
- Stroke - Asthma
- Gallbladder disease - Hyperuricemia
- Osteoarthritis - Reproductive hormone abnormalities
- Sleep apnea - Polycystic ovarian syndrome
- Respiratory problems - Impaired fertility
- Endometrial Cancer
- Breast Cancer - Diabetes Mellitus type 2
- Prostate Cancer - Public Humiliation
- Colon Cancer - Difficulty in Pregnancy
- Dyslipidemia

The US and Obesity
- One of the fattest countries in the world
- About 1/3 of US adults obese
- 17% of US children obese
- Estimated costs of obesity approximately $147 billion in US in 2008
- Exceeds health-care costs of smoking and alcoholism.
- 34% of Americans overweight
- Another 36% obese
- Anti-obesity efforts in progress
- Schools banning sodas and vending machines
- Obesity a contributing factor to 100,000 - 400,000 deaths per year in the US
A Fat Future...
- Half of the UK population possibly obese by 2050
- By 2030, 42% of US obese, 11% morbidly obese
- A rising diabetes epidemic...
- Even more people overweight
- Lower life expectancy
- Childhood obesity rising rapidly
- Diet of obese parents could cause child to become obese
- Middle aged people of today fitter in their teens than the
teens of today

How to lose weight in 2 easy steps!
1 - Control your diet.
2 - Exercise.

If you're desperate...Surgery!
be dealt with.
- Obesity must sooner rather than later be dealt with.
- Not a laughing matter.
- If not, we will be too unhealthy to solve other natural disasters!
Did you know?
The average BMI for an American male is 29, well above a healthy BMI, making the US the country with the highest average BMI.
Short info on diabetes!
- Can cause blindness
- Inability to heal a small cut = amputation!
- Frequent infections!
- Only type 2 preventable.
- Type 1 usually in young ones.
Chicken kidney found in KFC chicken
Just some photos of what diabetes can do...
Obesity WILL sooner or later affect other countries like it has affected The US.
- KFC already here, McDonalds could come soon.
- Obesity will spread all over the globe.
- Approximately 65% of all adults today overweight or obese.
Don't be like him.
So keep eating KFC and see if you become obese!
-You can abuse drugs.
-You can abuse alcohol.
- But you can also abuse cheeseburgers.
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