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The Big 6

No description

Jennifer Banks

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The Big 6

Step 1: Task Definition
Step 6: Self-Evaluation
Am I done?
A Research Model
The Big 6
Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies
What are possible sources?
Step 3: Location and Access
Where will I find sources of information?
Why do I need a model?
What types of information do I need?
Which sources might be the
best for the information I need?
Who can help me find what I need?
Step 4: Use of Information
How will I record the information I want to use?
What information in each source is useful?
How will I give credit to my sources?
Step 5: Synthesis
How can I organize my information?
What will my final product be?
Is this a reflection of my best work?
How could I improve my work next time?
What is the task?
NC Essential Standards:
Apply a research process for collaborative or individual research.
Do I have a topic?
What is my research question?
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