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charlotte yim

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Droughts

What Are Droughts?
Droughts are a period of dryness caused by lack of rain. Some researches have shown that droughts have the most impact on greatest number of people. Droughts are different because of the fact that it is hard to define if it is a drought or not and estimate when it will occur, unlike cyclones and tornadoes which are easy to identify.
How Do Droughts Occur?
Droughts are caused by a long period of time without rain, causing the land to slowly dry out. Unlike other natural disasters, droughts develop much slower. It can take as long as a decade to affect the place. This is how droughts occur.
Where Do Droughts Often Happen?
Droughts happen most often at some places in the United States of America and some places in Australia.
Places in Australia that are near to Western Pacific Ocean have more droughts and the droughts are more severe. This is because of El Nino, El Nino means little boy and is also responsible for the droughts in the recent years. There is also La Nina which brings floods. El Nino is the extensive warming of the sea temperatures near the Eastern Pacific so the cool water goes to the Western Pacific to the northern and eastern part of Australia, causing dryer conditions.

What Are The Effects Of Droughts On
The Landscape?
The effects on the landscape of droughts are dry land that are not suitable for farming and the decreasing numbers of animals and plant species. When droughts occur, the water evaporates from the soil and leaves the salt that was in it behind, causing the land to be unsuitable for farming in the future. Animal and plant species can decrease because of droughts. The lack of water or the poor water quality can affect the animals. Animals can not survive in both extreme heat and dryness.
What Are The Effects Of Droughts On The Communities?
The loss of animals and crops can affects the communities. People are not able to eat meat or vegetables because of droughts. The price of vegetables and meat will rise because of the limited supplies of it. People will have no food to eat. The water sources are limited and is of poor quality. People cannot drink poor quality water, it can lead to sickness and diseases.
What Are The Safety Issues Of Droughts?
Droughts can cause safety issues like dehydration and hunger. The lack of water can cause thirst and lack of crops due to the little amount of water can cause hunger. Dehydration can also be caused because of the extreme heat and lack of water. The animals and plants can also die. This could be the cause of endangered plant and animal species. If there is no cows, chickens and pigs there would be no meat for people to eat.
What Are The ways Of Preventing Droughts?
Droughts are not the same as other different natural disasters, droughts are hard to prevent because of its slow development. It also lasts longer than most natural disasters. Although you cannot prevent a drought, you can reduce the impacts of it. We can store water, If we store water, when a drought does occur, we will still have water to drink.
What Are The Warning Systems Of Droughts?
In 2009, 60 scientists from the United States of America tried to find a way to save numerous lives from droughts.
The Early Warning Systems were said to be the possibility of saving people from droughts.The objective of the Early Warning System is to monitor the first signs of droughts and try to reduce the impact of droughts.
By: Charlotte Yim
Droughts are very dangerous natural disasters causing many deaths.It is crucial that we try to mitigate the effects of drought to save lives. Droughts causes many unfortunate things that we try to avoid. Droughts are periods of time with extreme heat and dryness.
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