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Best Practices - Academic Libraries & Social Media

This presentation has been developed to frame the conversation about social media usage by the Brooklyn College Library.

Deimosa Webber-Bey

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Best Practices - Academic Libraries & Social Media

Academic Libraries & Social Media
Deimosa Webber-Bey, Miriam Deutch
Essential Question
Inspiration for Industry Leaders
Best Practices
Summary of academic library best practices, and examples of the successful implementation of social media, for CUNY Brooklyn College library colleagues
Simon Sinek, TEDTalk
What kind of content or interactions would you like to see on our social media channels?
How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Connect online interaction to the library's mission!
“Mission-based goals and actions are particularly valuable in areas of rapid change, like social media… The library mission should drive the library’s activities and should therefore be present in these guiding policies.”
Johnson & Burclaff 2013
Web 2.0 Affordances Mean Engaging New Ways of Learning
literacy across a range of media platforms, transferable skills
learn by doing, process over product, focus on self-reflection
Example of a meta/trans/literate social media interaction
encourages knowledge creation
improves institutional outcomes
integrates print and electronic resources
provides access
provides space
supports curriculum
teaches information skills!
Best Practices for Twitter
Remember that the audience includes faculty!
Pearson Social Media in Higher Education Survey
for 2010 - 949 faculty responded
Best Practices for Flickr
Best Practices for Instagram
Best Practices for Tumblr
Best Practices for YouTube
Best Practices for Facebook
A unified and comprehensive approach to learning that encourages the production and sharing of original and repurposed information in participatory environments."

Tom Mackey, Trudi Jacobson, Jenna Hecker, Tor Loney, and Nicola Allain

"...moves beyond an exclusively skills-based approach to information and emphasizes collaboration in the development and distribution of original content in synchronous and asynchronous online environments."

Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson

"The ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks."

Sue Thomas, Chris Joseph, Jess Laccetti, Bruce Mason, Simon Mills, Simon Perril, and Kate Pullinger

"It analyzes the relationship between people and technology, most specifically social networking, but is fluid enough to not be tied to any particular technology."

Tom Ipri
Engage social media in the academic library because it...
Share images from the library's special collections that relate to current events
Post flyers for library events
Link to academic resources, especially library-made ones
Promote library services, particularly digital tools
Tweet archival images of students on campus, particularly in the library, on #throwbackthursday
Promote publications and presentations by campus librarians
Respond to directional questions
Respond to criticism of the library facilities and/or service PROMPTLY
Post unique and interesting pictures of students in the stacks
Post archival photos of students on campus, particularly in the library, for #throwbackthursday
Advertise and hold photo contests
Share pictures of new furniture, hardware, and artwork at the library
Post screen-capture videos that show how to use digital resources, starting with the library's web page, e-books, and databases
Make creative videos to explain hot topics in scholarly communication
to faculty & others
Post instructional videos showing how to access online resources, using screen capture technology
Upload recordings from presentations given at or about the library
Post images of interesting book covers from the library's collection
Upload pictures of behind-the-library-scenes activities, like book repair
Share historical campus and regional photos from the library's archive
Create thematic sets of images from the special collection
Teach database concepts using photo collections
Upload images placed on the library's photostream with the Creative Commons license and encourage students to remix them
Faculty favorites may not be the same as the students, this prezi reviews the following:
Write compelling headlines!
Lead with the good stuff!
Make every word count!
Use less than 100 characters in Tweets
Use less than 50 words on Facebook
Link to the full story!
Keep it simple, don't cram in too much information!
Link to other online sources!
Provide context!
Expand the story with graphics!
Use a conversational tone, and invoke community spirit!
Provide your web 2.0 user with next steps, invite them to click/like/comment/add content!
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