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Battle of Yorktown U.S. History Project

Strategies and tactics that lead to the defeat and prevail of the British and the Patriots

nicole prieto

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Battle of Yorktown U.S. History Project

Battle of Yorktown Factors that lead to the American victory Key Decisions Significance There were many decisions that lead to the loss of the British and the victory of the Americans. There were to major decision that impacted the whole battle itself. These two decisions were what had started the last battle in the American revolution. The first is when General Charles Cornwallis made the fatal decision to move to Yorktown, Virginia this was because he wanted to stay in connection with the British naval fleets. Cornwallis failed to realize the mistake he made (moving on to a peninsula). The second key decision was General Gorge Washington's brilliant plan to surround the British and block the naval fleets sent by the British as reinforcements for Cornwallis with French naval fleets. These to decisions were the main reasons why the British failed and the Americans won the Battle of Yorktown. Geography Objectives In the Battle of Yorktown the geography had given
the Patriots a huge advantage against the British. Yorktown was a peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay.
This allowed the Patriots to completely surround the British and close in on them. The british were surrounded and were also lacking food. Being able
surrounded the British was and incredible advantage because they were almost powerless running low on supplies and food. They also could not manage to get help from outside naval ship because of the french ships blocking the entrance of the British ships. The Americans had a homeland advantage and the British had settled on a peninsula secluding themselves and making it a great opportunity for the patriots to surround them.
George Washington used the French's naval fleets to block British ships from assisting Cornwallis and his trapped soldiers allowing the British to grow weaker.
Because the British were isolated the began to run low on supplies and food making them weaker and even more vulnerable to the Patriot's attacks.
The Continental Army had combined with the French increasing the number of the soldiers during the Battle of Yorktown. The significance of The Battle of Yorktown was that it was the last fight in the Revolutionary War. The skill, timing, strategy, and tactics in this battle all lead up to the colonies winning the independence from Great Britten. This battle had won the revolution for the Americans and was the beginning of America the place that had just started out as colonies and settlements. This Battle was the end of the war. It gained us our independence something we wouldn't have if we had lost this battle. Objective:
The Battle of Yorktown was the the most important victory in the American Revolution for it was that ended the revolution. On September 28th 1781 General George Washington leader of the Continental Army devised a plan to trap General Charles Cornwallis and 7,200 of his soldiers in Yorktown Virginia. His objective was simple he planed to block all possible escape routs by combining French and Patriot troop into one army.Washington then planed to fight against the trapped British soldiers that could not retreat by land or gain reinforcements by their navel ships. During this time Cornwallis's sol objective was to defeat Washington or fined a way to retreat. Strategies: The strategies and tactics use by General George Washington were a very big part of the Battle of Yorktown because they are the reasons why he won against such a big and powerful army. Washington's Strategy in this battle was to trap the British soldiers in Yorktown and attack them until they decided to surrender or all died. With in this strategy Washington had many tactics as well for example because Cornwallis had many soldiers the continental army alone could not defeat them so Washington combined his army with french troops lead by Comte De Rochambeau. This gave them the numbers they needed to fight against the 7,200 men in Yorktown. Another tactic Washington used was sending naval ships to block reinforcements that had come to help Cornwallis. But Cornwallis did not just wait to see if reinforcement would make it, he commanded his soldiers fighting against the Patriots and French. He had also planed an effort to move his army north across the York River to Gloucester Point as a possible escape. This was on of his tactics even though it was not successful due to weather conditions. Strategies Yorktown French fleets of ships
blocked the British from
receiving help. Washington joined the
continental army and the
French soldiers and
surrounded the British. The Patriots surrounded the British slowly closing in on them and attacking multiple times this weakened the British who were low on supplies. The patriots continued to close in
on the British until they were forced to
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