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The Rocky Mountain Region= The Rocky Mountains

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ivana buffa

on 13 June 2018

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Transcript of The Rocky Mountain Region= The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountain Region= The Rocky Mountains= The Rockies = The Mountain

linea divisioria de aguas
seeking gold
The Rocky Mts stretch from Alaska to northern Mexico
the earth’s youngest mountains
steep slopes and many peaks and valleys - spectacular scenery & they limit the economic development
high, sharp and rugged- new formation
the line at which waters flow either to the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans
valleys = plateau areas
forested/ many rivers
shallow lakes
the Great Salt Lake (UTAH)/ aerial view
the Rocky Mts constitute the divide of the rivers
Lakes: some are at low altitude /dry/ having salt water
Once the water evaporates what remains is salt/ salt production
cold temperatures in the west
mild in the summer
wet area - the high lands close to the wet influenced by the humidity coming form the Ocean
the west is more humid than the east
- gives rise to forested areas, lots of trees and forests
except for the southwest, which is a dry area, everything is forested - (woods & trees)

mountains rich in mineral ores (rock from which metal can be obtained)
The People
native americans
The region is sparsely populated, representing at present only 3 to 4% of the nation’s population
individualistic, naturalists and many have developed the “cowboy type”
Salt Lake City
Agriculture, Industries Economic Activities
potato growing
potato growing - Idaho
sheep raising
cattle raising-Montana/Wyoming
cattle raising
cattle ranches
deposits of oil as well as gold, silver, copper and other minerals
Large quantities of important minerals come from the mountain states: iron, coal, copper, gold and silver and some zinc and lead
copper production
tourism-National Parks
Yellowstone National Park
ski resorts
mountain camps
more than 40
the "Mormon State"
the Mormon Temple
the Mormon Temple
Salt Lake City-capital of Utah
public library
Mile High City - 1,600 mts above sea level
important center for energy research & for high-tech industries
wealthy people have their homes
Old -Faithful
Jackson Hole City

"Love Medicine" is Louise Erdrich’s first novel, published in 1984. The book explores 60 years in the lives of a small group of Chippewa living on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota. Love Medicine won the 1984 National Book Critics Circle Award.
Chippewa tribe
Many of the stories have dual settings involving Sioux protagonists who have emigrated from North Dakota to Chicago
Sioux tribe
- the least populated region in the US
open air activities: camping- hiking- climbing-
geysers in constant activity
Utah is the state where there are the biggest lakes- The Great Salt Lake
Anglo Saxons
-the vast Mountain Region was a land which people hurried to the west in search for land & gold.
- The settler rode on west, but later, gold was found in the Rocky Mountains and people hurried back to this region and settled here
- Denver is the only largest city
- the government owns much of its land - 66%
the waters coming down, have no form to reach the sea, so they form shallow lakes
the first to occupy the territory
descendants of the Anglo Saxons & foreign immigrants who moved as pioneers (English)
The Mormon religious group, coming from New England, established its base in the state of Utah in 1850.
Salt Lake City is the home of the Mormon religion
They set for themselves high educational standards
irrigation canals made by man
in the mountains
wild areas
second type of tourism
outdoor activities
Aspen is one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado
- Yellowstone became the first US national park.
- It has more thermal activity than any other place in the world.
- spectacular geysers
- the thermal activity helps provide the animals with food
- Heat from the geysers makes grass grow better and in winter keeps the grass from being covered by snow

imp info!!!!
important info!!!
imp info!
recreation area- vacationland
preserves national resources, wilderness, forests
a natural spring that sends hot water & steam into the air from a hole in the ground
important landmark
grizzly bear
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