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WorldShare Management

No description

Tom Raffensperger

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of WorldShare Management

Cost Savings: 22%
Rolled into one price:
Integrated Library System
Discovery layer
Link Resolver
Electronic Resource Management
Return on Investment Survey
The Knowledge Base
For management of electronic resources and custom collections
Works with PubGet
Customizable collections
Easy to modify collections or individual titles
Initial setup was challenging
Can perform data mapping from some existing Alternative Service Providers
Patron Interface: WorldCat Local
Integrated, algorithm-based searching across formats
Controlled searching available
Integrated ILL requesting
Easy-to-use patron account interface
Some frustration with known-item searching and controlled searching
WorldCat Discovery

Cloud Based
No server or backups
No local clients or software updates
Reduced downtime
Staff side is also web-based: easy to use anywhere
Additional cost savings
Less flexibility on display of records than locally hosted ILSs
Shared environment
Staff Workflows
More efficient copy cataloging: search for record, add item and shelf location
More efficient serials workflow: Based on the latest issue received WMS guesses a basic pattern, and you can edit. Patterns of receiving are shared globally
Any successful change in workflows is based on people
The cohort process involves staff to ensure successful change
Coordinated Migration
OCLC already had bibliographic records
Cohort model
User-contributed documents helped with data extraction
Great customer service from a helpful team of experts
Only 583 unresolved records out of 141,000
WMS Data Migrations: 200 libraries and counting
Sara Newell
, M.A., M.L.S.
Senior Implementation Manager

Tom Raffensperger
Dean of Academic Information Services
Westfield State University

Westfield State University's
Migration Experience
A Collaborative Process:
NETSL Conference April 11, 2014
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