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No description

Chenni Le

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Elsword

Hello! I'm Chenni, and I'll be talking about the not-so recognized MMORPG, Elsword. Elsword is a 2D anime-inspired MMORPG developed by a Korean company called KOG studios. It was then made into a North American version, Japanese version, Chinese version, etc. You will be able to choose from the characters Rena(Archer), Aisha(Magician), Eve(Nasod Queen), Raven(Warrior), Elsword(Warrior) and Chung(Cannon)
The current unavailable characters are Ara(Warrior) and Elesis (Warrior), they are only available in the Korean version of Elsword.
Elsword is somewhat similar to Grand Chase. But that doesn't stop the excellent gameplay it has.
List of features:
-Different unique storyline for each character
-Dungeon runs
-Beat em' up genre
-Excellent effects
-Different jobs for each character
-Ice Burners
-Voice-acted dialogue
-Different towns
Thank you for listening to my Prezi about Elsword!
To end this, in my opinion, Elsword is quite an addicting game, it's one of the best MMORPG's for me out there. There's a ton of customizations for your character, market, effects, etc!
Unlike any other button-clicking MMO or MMORPG, I prefer the "Beat-em'-up" style that includes button mashing. Z is the basic attack that recovers your MP bit by bit, X is the attack that uses MP but is much stronger than Z, A,S,D,C,Q,W,E are all your keys for skills you place in the skill bar.
There will also be combos which make you have a better chance of getting a good rank

RANKS(From worst to best): F > D > C > B> A> S> SS

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