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AS Community Financial Fund Quarterly Report

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on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of AS Community Financial Fund Quarterly Report

Community Financial Fund Quarterly Report
Spring & Summer of 2012-2013
How students heard about Community Financial Fund?
Fig 3.
Through a classmate/Friend
From campus and residence hall advertisements
Tuition Gap
Why are you applying for the grant?
Through department and class advertisements
From the OSL Emergency Resource Guide
A breakdown of each quarter of who attended the Financial workshops and completed a questionnaire.
Data for missed questions on the quiz
Quarterly average of grant money given to the applicants
Budget Information:
- Out of our 2012-2013 fiscal year grant budget, $81,980 was distributed to 226 students out of the $72,200 total. Although we went over budget, it was compensated from other community financial fund line items that were not in use at the time of dispursement.
Students who recieved an emergency loan or recieved funding outside of federal financial aid in the past?
Do students have any other financial aid?
Who are we?
- We are an Associated Students grant program approved by a ballot measure passed in the Spring of 2011. This ballot created a $2.10 lock-in fee per undergraduate student.
- Provide more access to grants.
- Suplement the current UC: Santa Barbara Associated Students emergency loans.
- Create regular financial literacy workshops.
- Have personalize money management counseling.
-Establish a credit builder program.
- Provide financial guidance.
Financial Literacy Workshops
- Workshops are held 4 times a week during the academic year and 2 times a week in the summer at varying times and locations. The workshops are held between the Conference Room in the Multicultural Center and the Annex located across from Storke Tower and the bike paths.
Topics Covered Include:
- The federal and private student loan industry.
- Credit cards , credit scores, and credit building techniques.
- Budgeting skills and money management tools.
- Even though we still have a 99% satisfaction rate on the Financial Literacy Workshops, we still have a list of many goals to improve the Community Financial Fund.
- Create additional workshops targeted toward specific student populations.
- Update the AS Legal Code to include the Community Financial Fund Sub-Committee.
- Have students facilitate the financial literacy workshops.
- Bring experts from different areas in the financial industry to speak on campus.
- Seek opportunities for outside orgaizations to match current grant funds.
- Expand on providing varying financial services and avenues for green investments.
"The Quiz"
- To qualify for a Community Financial Fund Grant, the student must pass the Quiz based from the information during the workshop. This is a sample of how the test are formatted in the application process.
"It was a great workshop. I am really glad I had more information on loans and their interest rates."
"Awesome presentation that keeps you engaged with great information."
"Very comprehensive and quick to the point with tons of facts."
"I really enjoyed the presentation. It was a nice way to ease me into my own personal finances."
"Clearly defines what responsible money management is."
"Great workshop! Very informative and pertinent to my financial situations."
"The workshops clarity was awesome and useful. Even the lingo of loans puts me at ease."
Thank You!
AS Business Services!
UCSB Office of Student Life!
AS Cashiers and Ticket Office!
AS Administration!
AS Community Financial Fund Sub-Committee!
Student Staff!
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