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Thaumatrope, Zoetrope, and Praxinoscope

No description

Caitlyn Houy

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Thaumatrope, Zoetrope, and Praxinoscope

Thaumatrope, Zoetrope, and Praxinoscope
In 1825 by John Ayrton
A small disc with two images on each side with a string attached on opposite ends
When spinning it creates the optical illusion of two images being one
In 1867 by William Lincoln
A single drum with an open top and has a sequence of pictures placed inside it

When the drum is spun the images go in motion
In 1877 by Charles-Emile Reynaud
Highly similar to the zoetrope
Expect it has an inner circle of mirrors to project the images
Caitlyn Houy
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