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How to Create a Prezi Presentation

No description

Kade Park

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of How to Create a Prezi Presentation

How To Create A Prezi Presentation
Jennifer Galindo Enriquez
Devin Jorgensen
Kade Park
Nick Hefler
Let us tell you what we
are going to cover..
What is Prezi?
How do you use it?
What are the advantages?
What are the disadvantages?
Prezi is:
A cloud-based product for presentations
Engaging and easy to understand
Focused on the user
A new software that started in 2009
A way to make presentations interesting

How does it work?


How does Prezi work?
WOW!! That zoom-in was
Prezi has a 2.5D image display by using a zooming interface on the z-axis.
What are the strengths
of Prezi?

What are the weaknesses
of Prezi?
Free version is public sharing

Low Cost
Free to students and teachers
Upgrades available for a price
Student Version
Can be viewed by anyone
Easy to Use
100 megabytes of Storage
Easily embed files, links, etc.
Small fee for upgrade to private sharing
Lack of font and color options
Sometimes induces nausea
Benefits of Prezi
More freedom than other presentation applications
Easy to use in groups
New technology
User friendly
NOTHING BORING like other presentation software!
Co-Founders: Adam Somali-Fischer, Péter Halácsy, Peter Arvai
Prezi = Hungarian word (short for presentation)
Based in Budapest, Hungary
Also located in San Francisco
Now hiring in both locations
Lets you use it,
Online & Offline
Pan & Zoom
Navigates between: videos, images, texts
Frames: allows multi-presentations into 1
Paths: navigational sequences
Navigation P-a-t-h-s
Using Prezi Desktop
Work Offline, Mac or Windows
Create & Save
Save Offline, .pez file format
Save up to 500 MB, using school login


UP to 10 People
Visually Represented
Invite to Edit
Invite to Share
Invite to See
Has a link

iPad Prezi Viewer
Enables Users to:


Prezi is developed by
Adobe Flash
Adobe Air
Partnered with Django
Requires Adobe Plug-In

What is Prezi?
Now that we talked about, 'What is Prezi?'
Lets Move On...
Not compatible with Android phones
So now we know:
What Prezi is
How to use it
It's advantages
And it's disadvantages
...Any Questions??
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