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No description

Sara Vacca

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of schooled

by: Sara Vacca
I really dislike the book. This is why I disliked the book, because it was not interesting. Also the ending was no surprise. Plus it was a super long book. I would not recommend this book.
Mrs. Donnelly:
Cap lives like a hippie, and lives with his grandmother, Rain. One day Rain was picking plums and falls and breaks her hip. She has to stay in rehab for awhile. Cap has no one else to live with. So he is assigned a social worker named Mrs. Donnelly. Before Cap was home schooled by Rain and now he has to go to normal school. Mrs. Donnelly has a daughter named Sophie and she dislike Cap more than anything.
Cap was getting popular in school and his first friend in school got mad
at him for bragging about it. Cap's first friends name was Hugh Winkleman. While Hugh was mad at Cap he joined up with Zach Powers [the school bully] to make the whole school hate Cap. A little after they joined up Cap got beat up by the whole football team, and had to go to the nurse. Then Darryl Pennyfield punched Cap in the nose, and got in an ambluance. No one saw him again, but he was fine.
In the end Cap gets arrested again. He tells the cop that he lives in Garland, but Rain sold Garland. Cap doesn't know about her selling Garland. Then Rain came and got Cap out of jail and told him that she sold Garland. Now Cap is back in school. Cap can't wait to see all his friends.
lives like a hippie with his grandmother Rain. Cap is only 13-years -old and drives a pick up truck. Rain gets hurt and Cap has to live in a social workers home. (Before all of this happened Cap was home schooled.) Now Cap has to go to a real school. Before long Cap was popular. A little while after that Cap got tackled by the whole football team, and got punched in the nose. Cap gets arrested and Rain sold Garland. Soon Cap goes back to school.
was Cap's first friend, and was considered the school nerd (until Cap showed up.) Cap became popular and Hugh thought he was bragging, so Hugh turned on Cap. Hugh joined up with Zach Powers to destroy Cap. They were the ones who got the football team tackle him. They were the ones who made Cap get punched in the nose.
was the social worker who took Cap into her house. Mrs. Donnelly has a daughter Sophie and she dislikes Cap.
likes Zach Powers in the beginning. She realizes that Zach is a bully. Naomi starts feeling bad for Cap. Soon Naomi starts liking Cap, and she was the one who missed Cap the most.
Mrs. Donnelly
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