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Garden Slug Presentation(PPS)

No description

Madisson Christine

on 27 February 2011

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Transcript of Garden Slug Presentation(PPS)

Kingdom- Animalia Phylum- Mollusca Genus- Deroceras Species- reticultum Scientific name- Deroceras reticultum Deroceras means- smooth reticultum means- net like formation or structure APPERANCE CLASSIFICATION It has two tentacles. A mantle is located between the breathing pores, which they use to breathe. The upper tentacles are its eyes and the lower tentacles are for tasting and smelling. They’re mouth is located between the two lower tentacles. Its color depends on the slug. Some slugs have a cream color to it as others have a gray color with gray and brown spots. LOCATION - NUTRITION This slug is located in the eastern part of Singapore. It is located in the northern hemisphere of the world. MAP OF SINGAPORE There nutrition is very simple; it consists of seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Some of their favorite foods are strawberries and lettuce. They are usually found in meadows, gardens, and roadsides. REPRODUCTION Garden slugs can produce up to 500 eggs, but since resources such as food, water and shelter are limited, most eggs do not survive. Eggs are stored under rocks or logs until hatched. Reproduction happens during summer and autumn FACTS ABOUT THE GARDEN SLUG . Slugs need mucus to survive . Garden slugs help the ecosystem by eating dead leaves and fungi . It takes Garden slugs 43 seconds to walk 2ft.
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