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Movie Max

inro to business

Marina Safonova

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Movie Max

Movie Max Table of Contents Movie Max is Movie Max has Group # 4
Joo, Jae Hoan 20092961
Gaukhar, Mambetova 20081676
Safonova, Marina 20080615
Chun, Yang Joo 20083615
Bagautdinova, Marianna 20063729
Tlebaldy, Meruyert 20072171
- Company overview and objectives

- Ownership & Financing
- Organizational Chart & Structure
- Target Marketing and Market Segmentation
- Marketing Mix

- Why our business will be successful

-a new entertainment business
-personal movie theater
-personal rooms for 2-4 people
-up to date movies
-various genres of movies
-membership card
Movie Max Movie Max Objectives
-provide comfortable place with movie service Purpose: to provide DVD service to customers
so that they could enjoy a new entertainment Business: to satisfy
the consumers with low price Value: understanding and respecting
the needs of the consumers
Goals Short term: advertise through various routes so that customers will be familiar with our concept and having average of 30 customers per day Long term: making franchise
in front of universities
and main streets
Form of ownership Sole proprietorship Financing Organizational Structure Functional Structure
Organizational Chart Target Market & Segmentation Strategy Geographic Variables
a) location reflects differences in income, culture, social values and other consumer factors
b) consider density of the population
In front of KIMEP, Abai street Demographic Variables

Age categories: 17-25 (students at university)
Gender: doesn’t matter
Income: lower to middle class Psychographic Variables a) Various genres of movies for consumers
b) Specializes in movies but also offer TV shows and other entertainments(in the long run)
c) 100% legal movies
The Marketing Mix ( 7P’s) a) Product: DVD films
b) Pricing: Penetration Pricing
200 KZT-700 KZT
(pending on the movies and weekends)
c) Place: Channel 7, wholesale distribution of industrial products
d) Promoting: radio, brochures, fliers, local newspaper, membership cards
e) People: our potential customers
f) Process:
g) Physical Evidence:
Our business will be successful because…

a) new entertainment
b) efficient time spending
c) easy approach to various movies
d) reasonable price Costs:
Apartment $80 000
Furniture and room repair $8 000
DVD disks $500
Promotion and marketing research - $1 500
Equipment - $10 000

Total amount of loan from bank: $100 500
Interest payment: $100 500*20%=$20 100
Total costof project: $100 500+$20 100=120 500
Intermediate term: developing new additional entertainment (food, internet karaoke booth) and making profits through breaking the breakeven point Payback period: 2 years

Average income for 1 year: $50 000
Average income for 2 year: $70 500 Anticipated income flows:
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