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Create [Leadership Frameworks] in Residence Halls

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Robert Rennich

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Create [Leadership Frameworks] in Residence Halls

The Work of Kouzes and Posner
Create [Leadership Frameworks] in Residence Halls
Intended Learning Outcomes
[1] Participants will learn how to use the principles duscussed in "The Student Leadership Challenge" to train and develop student staff members.
[2] Participants will learn how to help student staff reflect and engage in their own development
[3] Participants will learn how to enhance RA job performance by developing intrinsic motivation
[1] The Personal Best Leadership Experience
[2] The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
Model The Way
Inspire a Shared Vision
Challenge the Process
Enable Others to Act
Encourage the Heart
More details about Jim and Barry's research are available at

Using the Personal Best as a Foundation
Answer these questions about this time:
• When did it happen? How long did it last? Who else was involved? What was your role?
•What feelings did you have prior to and during the experience?
•Did you initiate the experience or did someone else and how did you emerge as the leader?
•What were the actual results (quantitative and qualitative) of the experience?
[1] Describe this time of leadership (focus on one time)
[2] Thinking about the same time, list 5-7 actions you took as a leader that made a “difference”.
Consider the following questions:
•How did your team, group, etc., do something incredible based on what you did or said?
•What did you do to demonstrate your own commitment to the project or undertaking?
•What did you do to make sure everyone understood the purpose?
•What did you or others do to overcome any major challenges or setbacks?
•What did you do to engage others and get them to participate fully?
[3] Reviewing the responses from above, are there 3 to 5 major lessons you learned about leadership from this experience? These are lessons you might share as advice to others about them being or becoming a great leader.
•What makes your behavior as a leader this time especially different from any other time?
•What single piece of advice would you give to a leader on how to get extraordinary things done in organizations based on your experience?
[1] Staff Orientation
Incorporating the 5 Practices
[2] One on One Meetings with Staff
[3] Staff Meeting Times

[1] Start with the Personal Best
[2] Develop the 5 Practices From The Personal Bests
[3] Model the Way and Values
[4] Inspiring a Shared Vision and Setting Goals
[1] Incorporate 5 Practices into weekly reports/logs/journals
[2] Use discussion/reflection questions from the book
[3] Set short term goals (weekly/bi-weekly)
[1] Allow staff to recognize one another
[2] Group discussions and excercises
[3] Use practices in program planning
[4] Inspirations and reflection time
The Student LPI
The SLPI is..
Designed to measure how often one exhibts leadership behaviors
available as an online tool
relatively inexpensive
comprised of 30 likert type items
completed by self and observers
Lessons Learned
About Rob Rennich
Plan ahead - funding, ordering, excercises, etc.
Talk about it a lot. Relate everything you do to the Five Practices.

[4] Talk about your observations of leadership behaviors (on staff & in other contexts)
Set some expectations. It's easy for staff to forget about this when they have so much going on.

Rob Rennich is a leadership educator and certified facilitator for The Student Leadership Challenge. He earned a Masters of Education in the College Student Personnel program at Ohio University in 2009. Lately, alongside training people to be better leaders, Rob has been thinking a lot about how to use games, and game concepts, along with principals of positive psychology to foster the development of students and he would love to talk with you about it. He currently serves as a Residential Coordinator in the Department of Residential Housing at Ohio University and has served on the campuses of Georgia Tech and Indiana University in the past. If you'd like to contact Rob you can reach him by e-mail at rennich@ohio.edu or on twitter @RobRennich.
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