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Michael Morrow

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon

Double click anywhere & add an idea This is Glittering Generalities because in this picture Napoleon is appearing to be an amazing soldier. In reality he really was not. This picture was taken on the bridge at Arcole. This one is Plain Folks because in this picture Napoleon puts himself apart from the kings who apperead too godly to touch the ill people. This one is also a Glittering Generalities because in this picture it sets Napoleon as a big hero with two others; Hannibal and Charlemagne, when in reality he really wasn't and was also said to come in on a donkey not a horse. In this picture the technique Transfer is because Napoleon makes himself look like a spainard with dark black hair, and decent size in order to appeal as something good looking to the crowd when in reality he was short, fat and blalding In this picture Emotional words were used along with transfer because Napoleon tries to use nice words and his attitude to get the people. 1. I think this picture is pretty descriptive because it has alot of detail of napoleon .
2. I think it describes ideology because it has how Napoleon though he looked of himself.
3.From my perspective it tells you about ordinary people based on how Napoleon needed to look to gain attention.
4.The kind of historical questions this answers is what Napoleon really looks like. The benefits of using this kind of source is how well they detail the pic's propaganda.
5. The source does not really help you answers facts about Napoleon like how he really looked or how he really felt about the issues.
6. My analysis is probably about the same for most even though I would of wordered it differently. I believe this source supports the argument because it provides decent information about each pic
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