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Beauty and the Beast Archetypes

No description

shaharun sama

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Beauty and the Beast Archetypes

Shaharun Sama
Jannatul Tahira
Hebba Zamzami

Character Archetype
Situational Archetype
The Journey
The Initiation
The Fall
Battle Between Good and Evil
The Hero
Hunting Group of Companions
Friendly Beast
The Devil Figure
The Evil Figure With Ultimately Good Heart
The Earth Mother
Symbolic Archetype
Light vs. Darkness
The Crossroads
The Castle
Belle sets out to bring her father back after her father leaves for the fair and doesn't come back.
When Belle finds out that a Beast is keeping her father locked up she sacrifices her freedom in exchange for her father's.
When the prince is turned into a Beast, because of his unkind behavior, by the enchantress.
Gaston tries to kill the Beast at the end of the movie. At first the Beast doesn't fight back, but when he sees Belle, he fights back.
Belle is the hero (or the heroine) in the movie. She sacrifices her freedom for her father's. She also saves the Beast from the Beast form (Grotesque) in the end.
Belle serves as mentor for the Beast by leading him to a good path with her love.
Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Bebette, Chip, Wardrobe, Stove, Baker, Featherduster, Footstool and the others in the castle stays with the Beast and fights with the villagers to keep the castle safe.
Philippe stays by Belles side and supports her.
Gaston tries to force Belle to marry him. He also tries to kill the Beast.
At the beginning, the Beast was very unkind and out of control. But later he falls in love with Belle and becomes a good person.
Mrs. Potts supports Belle emotionally. She tells Belle that the Beast isn't a bad person.She supports everyone else too.
In the movie, the village, where Belle lives, is light and filled with happiness. While the Castle, where the Beast lives is dark and mysterious.
When the Beast realizes he shouldn't have yelled at Belle for going to the room where he keeps the flower, he then tries to make up for it.
The Castle where the Beast lives.
Gaston wears red. Red represents anger, violent passion and blood thirst.
The Beast wears a red cloak. Red represents anger, since he doesn't know how to control his anger.
The beast wears blue and white in ballroom, which symbolizes innocence, spiritual purity and it reflects that he learned to be kind and love.
Belle wears white and blue. White represents purity and innocence.Blue represents spiritual purity.
A prince was turned into a beast by an enchantress after he refuses to give her shelter in his castle. The enchantress gives a rose which will last until he turns twenty-one.And before that he must find someone he loves and make her fall in love with him as well, otherwise he will stay as beast forever. Later a girl name Belle comes into his castle and falls in love with him breaking the spell.
The Rose
The red color of the rose represents love. The layers of the rose represents the layers of a persons personality. It represents that we all have multiple layers, and inside it we have a beautiful soul.
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