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Woodrow Wilson Rawls

No description

rick jones

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Woodrow Wilson Rawls

WILSON RAWLS Wilson Rawls was born on September 24, 1913 to Minzy Rawls and Winnie Hatfield Rawls. He grew up on a small farm near Scraper, Oklahoma, a farm which the family referred to as "Mother's Cherokee allotment" since it was land given to Winnie Hatfield Rawls by the government because of her Cherokee ancestry. The Summer of The Monkeys book was made into a movie in 1998 by Buena Vista Home Video ,of the Walt Disney Company. It was directed by Michael Anderson and starred Corey Sevier as Jay Berry Lee and Wilford Brimley as Grandpa. The movie takes place in Canada

The novel was made into a movie in 1974 starring Stewart Petersen, James Whitmore and Beverly Garland. It was followed by Where the Red Fern Grows, Part Two in 1992. The film was remade in 2003 and starred Joseph Ashton, Dabney Coleman, Ned Beatty and Dave Matthews.
Woodrow Wilson Rawls, was an American writer best known for his books Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys. He grew up on a farm in the Ozark Mountains, the setting he described in his novels. There were no formal schools in the area, and Rawls's mother taught Wilson and his sisters to read and write. The Rawls children's education was supplemented with books Rawls's grandmother purchased. The books tended to be what Rawls described as “girl books" such as Little Red Riding Hood and Chicken Little, and Rawls lacked interest in reading them. The Summer of the Monkeys Where the Red Fern Grows As a teenager and young adult, he traveled through the USA, South America, and Canada, working on construction jobs—among them, Alaska's Alcan Highway. On his travels, he began writing stories. Embarassed by his poor grammar and spelling skills, he kept his efforts locked away in a trunk. He married Sophie Styczinski in 1958 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Shortly before their marriage, he emptied his trunk of rejected manuscripts and burned them. He didn't want his new wife to know about them. Eventually, Sophie heard about his writing and encouraged Woody to submit one of the stories. He sat down and rewrote her suggested story in three weeks, 35,000 words. Sophie edited it and they sent it in to the Saturday Evening Post. The magazine serialized the story in 1961, publishing it in three parts, calling it "The Hounds of Youth." Later, Doubleday published it as the book we now know as Where the Red Fern Grows. Wilson Rawls had achieved his ambition of writing a book of the same stature as his idol, Jack London Woodrow Wilson Rawls was a great American writer, but only released two novels in his career. sadly Wilson passed away in December 16, 1984, but his stories are still cherished today by many people. http://www.trelease-on-reading.com/rawls.html
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