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artificial intelligence

No description

Akeylah Hunter

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of artificial intelligence

The term "artificial intelligence" was first used in the mid-1950's.
The term "artificial intelligence" was first used in the mid-1950's.
Artificial Intelligence
Akeylah Roscoe Hunter, Irene Xu, Jillian MacGregor, and Laura Gilberti
Artemis Project 2013
What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence is considered both technology and a branch of computer science that studies and develops intelligent machines and software.

Some Examples of Artificial Intelligence In Fiction
R2D2: A robot from the Star Wars franchise. Using his many tools of sensory input, along with gadgets, has been able to perform many different tasks that have proved successful.

History of Artificial Intelligence
The history of artificial intelligence begins in mythology of different cultures.
This was not possible until the actual computer was created in the early 1940's.
A decade later, artificial intelligence was first explored with the "feedback theory". This describes an computer's ability to take in information from its surroundings and change it if needed. (ex. thermostat)
Computer Un-intelligence
Can Computers Think Like Humans ?
The Turing Test, named after Alan Turing, is a test developed by Mr. Turing to determine whether a robot can differentiate whether it is talking to a robot or a human. This test is simple - it puts a robot on one computer and a human on the other. These two talk. If the human cannot recognize that he is chatting with a robot, the robot passes the test. So far, none have passed the test. Below is an example of two computers trying to have a conversation like humans.
The History of Artificial Intelligence (cont.)
For the next twenty years, artificial intelligence was a popular topic.
Companies and the government were spending billions of dollars on the advancement of the field.
This was also going on during part of the Space Race, which gave motivation for being the most advanced.
Machine vision also took control of artificial intelligence; creating quality-checking machines would help on things such as assembly lines.
Also, daily-life applications began using A.I., such as character and voice recognition.

Another example of artificial intelligence is Siri. Has anyone ever had trouble getting the answer you need? This video is an example of the technical difficulties with Siri.
Advancements In Artificial Intelligence Today
Strong AI vs. Weak AI:
Weak AI: Weak artificial intelligence is what we have in our present day; robots who are not able to differentiate between a robot and a human.
Strong AI: The advancement of Artificial Intelligence focuses on creating strong artificial intelligence, so that robots can become more like humans, making interactions between the two easier.
The Terminator: Known for its appearance in the Terminator movies, this is a robot that was designed to assassinate life forms different from its own.
Artificial Intelligence in Websites
Deep Blue (beat the world chess champion)
20 Questions: 20Q is a computerized game of twenty questions that began as a test in artificial intelligence (AI).
Akinator is an internet game based on Twenty Questions that can determine which character the player is thinking of by asking him or her a series of questions.
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