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types of music artist history behind the jazz and blues

quin alexander

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of MUSIC OF 1920'S

MUSIC OF THE 1920's Jazz, Blues and rag-time we all popular types of music during this era. Alot of dances began to come out do to the new genre of music
dances such as the shimmy, monkey glide , turkey trot and the most famous the charleston. louis armstrong was a notorious trumpet player who played for many artist and bands. bessie smith was an amazing blues singer.
they called her " the empress of blues".
born in 1894 and died in 1937 African americans became more expressive through their music lyrics. diffrent types of music had an impact on jazz. the ones that influnced jazz the most was blues and rag-time. JAZZ RAG-TIME BLUES Blues is a genre that originated in the deep south.
Blues is mostly made up of mostly chord progressions Blues is played in a call to response rhythm. Memphis blues is the number one top blues song. Riley B. King we know him as b.b king, one of the most famous blues muscians and singers. Rollingstone magazine put b.b king down as "#3 greatest guitarist of all time". was a genre of music that was played were notes and rhythms were more syncopated. He was a famous composer whose most famous song was " maple leaf rag". BY; Quin A
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