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CIS-Lunar Space of 2050

No description

Shayne Swint

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of CIS-Lunar Space of 2050

CIS-Lunar Econosphere GUIDELINES
It’s 2050.
Space resources are recognized as a significant economic force.
Space tourism is thriving.
Multinational companies are prospecting and mining on the moon and on asteroids.
Commercial lunar outposts are under construction.
Energy is plentiful and economical
2050 Cis-Lunar
Commercial, government, and international endeavors and partnerships will drive the cis-lunar econosphere via a hybrid collaborative and competitive free-enterprise system.

Essential elements will include:
Transportation to Earth, LEO, GEO, and moon
Solar Power Satellite construction
Lunar base construction, waystation development, orbital habitat construction
Asteroid/lunar surface mining to obtain resources and build structures.
Labor in cis-lunar space will be primarily conducted by robots, with human oversight.
Scenario Broken into Driving Social and Technological Themes
300 person
Bolo Habitat

LEO Hotel

Space Liner to LEO

Asteroid Mining

Lunar Base
In Construction

Way stations

Lunar Mining

Large Habitat
Using ISRU

10 GW Solar Power Satellite,
SPS, In Construction using ISRU

SPS Demo





Access to space will be provided by a thriving commercial entity and will include advanced chemical, electric, nuclear, solar electric, and electrodynamic propulsion.

Advances in radiation mitigation, bone loss countermeasures, and advanced habitation & life support will enable humans to thrive in space.

The energy resources to power the economy will be carbon-neutral, space-based solar, operated by commercial multi-national corporations.

Advanced modeling and simulation capabilities will allow for full simulation prior to build by robotic assembly.
Resource prospecting as well as exploration will be highly autonomous with limited human involvement.

ISRU-based, additive manufacturing will be highly dependent on AI and robotics.

Space 2100 | Scenarios
Studies by others

Our own estimates

Construct a Future World Scenario to Create Context

NASA builds a bridge between a world of limited resources and advanced technology and a Solar System of vast resources and an expanding frontier.

NASA assists industry to push the boundaries for new knowledge, capabilities, and resources.

NASA continues to seek knowledge through exploration and science where the business case doesn’t close.
Within this Scenario NASA Becomes More Relevant

Space 2100

Describe what Earth and space may look
like in 2100.
What technologies will be online?
How will we be working?
What grand challenges will the world face?
What is NASA's role?

Working Assumptions
No technological singularities
No economic or political collapse of the U.S.
And certainly none of This...

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