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Watershed Characteristics

No description

Julian Reyes

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Watershed Characteristics

Nitrate transport in an agricultural catchment
Thank you!
Measurements informing modeling
Better mechanistic understanding of nitrate processes, temporal and spatial variation of nitrogen and water
Refined model parameterizations (i.e. soil parameters) based on field measurements

Field campaign
Initial modeling
Use NIRAMS models (Nitrogen Risk Assessment Model for Scotland)

Investigate water pathways (subsurface and GW) to estimate travel times

Our watershed
Pacific Northwest - eastern Washington
Climate: semi-arid
Primarily agricultural land use
Watershed area:
60% wheat; 20% animal operation (CAFOs) and forage; 10% infrastructure; 10% undeveloped - sagebrush steppe

Initial information collection
AIM: Find watersheds with similar characteristics for initial modeling

1. Remote sensing
3. CUAHSI HydroDesktop
4. National Atmospheric Deposition Program

AIM: Characterize temporal and spatial variation of
(1) hydrologic properties and processes
(2) nitrate (biogeochemical) mechanisms
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