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culture shock

No description

Shanshan Ma

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of culture shock

Study Abroad Culture shock Background Conclusion Step1: Excitement(“honeymoon” period )
Step2: Withdrawal(different and strange)
Step3: Adjustment(more confident )
Step4: Enthusiasm(feels at home ) Stage Experience Culture shock is inevitable, so we should change our mind to look at it.
Be open, learning and respect
Be patient, find out the adventure in it
Deal with stress as it arises
Ask for help if need it What is "culture shock"?
Have you ever experienced "culture shock"? Solution American Joking
Slang words(Sleeping like a rock.)
Special expression(Don't rush on my account! Don't go out of your way!) Experience Any questions Thank you! Excitement
-Feel positive about culture
-Find the new culture exotic
-Are passive Withdrawal
-Find the behavior of the people unusual
-Feel anxious
-Start to withdrawal Adjustment
-understand and accept the behavior of the people
- feel less isolated Enthusiasm
- Enjoy begin the culture
- Adopt certain behaviors from the new culture "Cultural Shock" is the personal disorientation. A person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, or to a move between social environments, also a simple travel to another type of life. -Learn as much as you can about your new country of residence.
-Take the initiative to make new friends.
-Be determined to avoid comparisons.
-Keep an open mind.
-Learn the language.
-Resist the desire to judge others because you don’t understand them. Video of cultural shock Own experiences:
-Different language and accents.
-Communication with people.
-Can't trust anyone.
-Make friends. Compare with the people in my country:
Directly in expressing like or dislike
Freedom(characteristic) but under the moral regulation
Individualism or collectivism
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