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Corona IMC Plan


Heba Atef

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Corona IMC Plan

Ahmed Salah-El Din
Eman Atef
Fatma Okasha
Heba Atef
Yvonne Adly
Problem Statement
Corona was a market leader in chocolate industry in Egypt till the early 90s. Later on, strong competitors entered the market, like Cadbury and Galaxy. In addition, the Egyptian market became more open to imported brands.

As a result, the consumers now have a wide variety of choices. With insufficient distribution channels and tough competition, Corona lost most of its market share, and thus lost most of its sales.
Detail 2
Target Market and

Strategies and

No sufficient IMC mix.
No promotion effort exerted.
Existing tools not used efficiently
From IMC perspective:
Situational Analysis

Corona has low availability in supermarkets which indicates weak distribution channels.
Corona has limited awareness in younger generations.
Corona has low market share.
Corona has no current advertisements or promotion.


Most other chocolates target children and youth, neglecting older age.
No chocolate for healthy lifestyle.
There is a new trend that dark chocolate has positive cardiovascular effect, and is good for migraines.

Presence of intense competition in the local market, with presence of strong international brands.
There is a concern that increased chocolate uptake is related to obesity and weight gain.
Raw ingredients prices have increased.
The price of advertizing has increased tremendously.
The consumers perceive Corona as lower quality.

Done by
Product Analysis
Milk & Butter
Ad Media
Interactive Media
Recently used:
Print Ad
Online Ad
Not aired
since a while
Print Ad
Facebook Page
Social Class
Demographic: Age
Target Market
Social class:
Upper middle.
Lower middle.

Middle age: 30 and above.
Children and adolescent 5-15.

Executive Summary
Our problem is that we want to “revive corona brand”.

Corona was a market leader until the early 90s and then it lost this position.

We are aiming in our project to help Corona company regain its position in the market in face of well-established strong competitors nowadays.

This problem emerges from the fact that they have insufficient IMC mix, no promotion efforts exerted, and poor use of existing tools.

We made situational analysis taking in consideration the internal and external factors, the product itself, recently used ads, the IMC elements they are currently using, and their new packaging. Putting all of this in our mind, we started our project trying to find new ways to solve their problems keeping in mind that Corona is naturally connected to Egyptian culture.

We went through the following steps:

First: Choosing two target markets to make benefit of those who know Corona, and those who will ensure continuity of the brand.

Second: Stating our objectives that we want to achieve through this IMC plan.

Third: Stating our marketing and IMC strategies pointing out which IMC elements we will use (PR, advertising, sales promotion, and interactive media) and stating our rationale of using it. Also, we discussed media strategies in detail.

Fourth: Stating how we will evaluate the results of the IMC plan and whether it is success or failure.

Fifth: Setting detailed budget for our IMC plan with a total budget of 6,120,000 L.E.

Reviving the Corona brand
* some of the info is taken from the Corona official website
Corona is 100% Egyptian.
Corona has a strong emotional bond with older generations.
Corona was awarded ISO certificates for its quality procedures.
Corona has a sugar-free variant (Corona Lite) and a milk-free variant (Corona Dark).
Corona has a long experience in Chocolate industry
The chocolate packaging was recently changed to a very colorful and high quality one, similar to what we see in famous chocolate brands.

Most chocolates target youth specifically females (16-29 years old), so we will avoid this segment.
The older segment already knows Corona and has emotional bond with it.
The younger segment has no emotional bond with current chocolate brands, and this segment will ensure continuity of the brand in the future.
Middle class, as its price and being locally made will reflect certain quality compatible with middle class.
Evaluation of sales and market share objectives will be done by comparing actual sales of Corona brands pre and post the IMC program.
Brand image and perception can be evaluated by undergoing a marketing research via the Facebook page itself and face-to-face surveys.

Marketing Strategies
Effective IMC plan will achieve increase in sales, and thus increasing market share.
Divest the dogs and focus on fewer products that can succeed.
Pay extra attention to the distribution channels and intermediaries to ensure availability of Corona in all major supermarket chains, markets and kiosks.
Modify the logo on the package, enlarging the figure of the deer in the logo, to differentiate it from other brands.
Marketing research to know the customer preferences.
R&D to enhance the quality.

IMC Strategies and
Elements of IMC Mix
Creative Strategy and Execution
Copy Platform
1. Public relations.
2.Interactive media.
3. Advertisements
4. Sales promotion.

Public Relations
Inexpensive way.
To enhance our image.
To inform Old segment that Corona is still there and is of high quality.
To create awareness and attract Young segment

Interactive Media
Children and adolescents are connected to Facebook all the time.
Almost free of charge.
Linking this segment to our facebook page will enable us to link them to the brand.

Ads will be used midway in the campaign, after we have achieved considerable sales, to be able to cover its cost.

To reach the old segment who we cannot be reached via Facebook.
Can be used within our limited budget.

In morning time and afternoon time.
Inexpensive when compared to TV.
Targeting both segments.

Sales Promotion
Tasting of chocolate is a key player in convincing people to purchase it via sampling.
POP will attract people's attention inside store to purchase it.
Trade promotion will ensure the good display and the availability of Corona.
Radio Ad
The ad will narrate the following with the music of song "Helwa Ya Balady" for Dalida in the background.

Print Ad

Interactive Media
Corona Brands and Ads.
Historical places of Egypt.
Different things from Egypt.
Radio Ad.
Frequency: 6 times a day.
Timing: Three times in 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. & three times in 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Vehicle: 90:90 channel and Radio Masr (inexpensive channels).
Duration: Six months.
Scheduling Method: Pulsating week on week off

This will allow us to reach working and non-working people, and students during school time.

Sales Promotion
Consumer oriented: Sampling
In-Store sampling (hypermarkets, supermarket chains, and malls).
Schools (primary and secondary)
Sport clubs.
During PR events.

Public Relations
Media Strategies
Chocovist Chocolate Festival
Participation in Chocovist in Saquet El Sawy.
School trips are made on that day to Saquet el Sawy
Lots of activities for children and chocolate stores.
Extra attention to the booth with the Deer cartoon character.
Free samples will be given.

Tournaments in classic games like chess and backgammon.
Will be held in:
In Saquet El Sawy on Wednesdays before Ali Al Hajjar Conerts where there are large number of people 30+ and distributing lite and dark Corona.
In sport clubs by making a tent and also distributing Corona.
Rouna the Deer Adventures
Cartoon series released in Mickey Cartoon magazine.
Rouna the deer is based on Corona deer logo, who will have adventures in Egyptian historical places.
Rouna will be used in Facebook and POP to create bond with young customers.
About PR events.

A contest will be made about Egypt.
100 winners will be offered a trip to historical places in Cairo.
Rouna the Deer Adventures
The cartoon series.
Cutting the stories in the middle and asking fans to complete.
Asking them to suggest how the story will end.
Facebook Game based on Rouna the Deer adventures featuring Egyptian historical places.
Sponsor Ads
When someone like or interact with the page, it shows on timeline of his friend lists.
Trade Oriented:
Promotional Allowance:
POP: Rouna the Deer poster.
Small display refrigerators.
Banners for kiosks.

Slotting Allowance:
Sufficient display area.
Encourage retailers.
Marketing Objectives
1. Increase sales within 1 year by 15%.
2. Increase market share within a year by 2%.
3. Ensure the product availability at 50% of supermarkets and kiosks within a year.
4. Improve product image in 70% of target market within a year.

Objective 1: Create awareness among 50 percent of young segment in one year using interactive media and PR events.

Objective 2: Create interest in the brand among 55 percent of old segment in one year using PR events, print ad,s and radio ads.

Objective 3: Create interest in the brand among 30 percent of young segment in one year via Interactive media, radio ads, and PR events.

Objective 4: Create desire for the brand among 40 percent of old segment and 10 percent of young segment in one year using sampling.

Objective 5: Create action in 20 percent of the old segment and 5 percent of young segment in one year using point of purchase sales promotion.

Public Relations
Events are used to enhance our image and to improve the perception of Corona.
Events can be used to create awareness and attract “young segment” consumers to the brand.
Events are used to create awareness in 50% and create interest in 30% of the young segment.
Events will also act as a reminder for 20% of the old segment.

IMC Objectives
Media Objectives
Young segment
refers to customers less than 15 years old.
Old segment refers to customers over 30 years old.

Sponsored Radio Program

Frequency: Two times daily.
Timing: 7:00 a.m.. & 5 p.m.
Length: 1 minute.
Vehicle: Radio Masr (inexpensive).
Duration: 1 month.
Description: Full sponsorship, Information about Egypt.
Print Ad.
Frequency: Twice weekly.
Days: Tuesday and Friday.
Vehicle: Shorouk and Al Masry Al youm newspaper.
Duration: Six months.
Scheduling method: Continuity.
Radio ads and print ads are used to remind our consumers of Corona and always keep them in touch with the brand and with the message we want to deliver.
Radio ads are used to create interest in the brand among 35% of old segment and 20% of young segment.
Print ads are used to create interest in 30% of the old segment.
Sales Promotion
Sales promotion for consumers is used to attract customer attention, induce trial and purchase in 40% of old segment and 10% of young segment.
Sales promotion for trade is to ensure availability of our brand in wide variety of distribution channels and to ensure good display of Corona
Interactive Media
Used to create awareness in 50% of the young segment and create interest in 30% of the same segment who are highly connected to Facebook

An ad featuring two middle aged men, well groomed, sitting on a table in a local coffee shop, and playing backgammon and smiling. One of the two guys is offering the other a Corona chocolate.
Written below is:

Note that the chocolate brand in the ad will be changed every month.
Radio ad
Print ad
Thank You
Product Background
*Photo taken from website
*Photo taken from website
Dark Corona is free of milk powder.
In Lite Corona, sugar is replaced by artificial low-calorie sweeteners, and only skimmed milk is used, also low calorie.
Past IMC Activities
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