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Wednesday October 15, 2014

No description

Amy Swanson

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Wednesday October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014
Do Now
Remember: this week's quotes are on justice, and next week's quotes will be on vengeance. Our task is to distinguish between the two.
Kera's MVF

Linking Verbs
Linking verbs connect a word or words in the predicate to the subject of the sentence. Some very common linking verbs are forms of be: are, am, is, was, were...

Be aware: some verbs can be action or linking. For example:

sad today." and "George
all over the house for his portable paper shredder."

"The casserole
delicious" and "The bunny
the pretty flowers."
Practicing with Linking Verbs

1. Water is part of all living things.
2. Water molecules are simple in structure.
3. It is important to consider the ecological effects of any diversion of water.
4. The chickens seem happy in their larger, outdoor enclosure.
5. Clara looks at the fish in the pond.
6. Clara looks tired after her first day of school.
7. The smoke from the bonfire smells acrid.
8. Henry smells the smoke from the bonfire.
9. Most deserts are very hot.
10. Some desserts are very hot.
11. Write four sentences about the geography of your state using linking verbs:
REMEMBER: This is a graded assignment. You should..,
1. Make a claim,using the lyrics as your text, about what the song is about, or, what it means.
2. Use textual evidence from the lyrics to support that claim.
3. After viewing the video, make a claim about how well the video corresponded with your earlier claim about song meaning.
4. Use visual evidence (from the video, obviously) to support your latest claim- about how well the video matched the meaning you interpreted from the lyrics.
5. Finally, give serious consideration to how you would have chosen to do things differently int he video, OR if you thought it was perfect, explain WHY.
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