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Dutch Broadcasting Company MAX

Marlies van Hooydonk

Marlies van Hooijdonk

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Dutch Broadcasting Company MAX

The Index The assignment

An advice to improve your image via an cross media campaign plan The Dutch public-serve broadcasting system

Reduce the number of public broadcasting companies


Quality, independence, reliability and multiform are leading

Mobile trends and developments
Dutch Broadcasting Company MAX

Share in the market

Nederland 2

Viewers time share (charts)

MAX reaches the most at the group 50 years and older then every other public broadcasting company
Peaks of MAX

Time for MAX
Max makes it possible
Greetings from MAX
Holland is exercising & Max memory trainer
MAX associations and collaborations

- Assosiations:
A strong urge

MAX Proms: 20.000 to 22.000 visitors 50+

MAX Membersday

MAX at the 50+ market: almost 100.000 visitors 50+ Visitation committee

The judgement of the visitation committee is positive

+ Target group defined to wide
+ Speak to your target group at every platform
Content of MAX

Broadcasting company MAX is a public broadcasting company for people with ages of 50 years and older.

Peaks of MAX
Visitation committee
Membership Targetgroups

The aging is for MAX a strength and an opportunity. They are the target group of MAX and they consists of three different generations:
- The pre-war generation, 80 years and older
- The silent generation, 65 to 79 years old
- The protest generation, 50 to 64 years old
Public groups

The resolute religious

Participant citizen

The easy-going citizen Desired image and targetgroup in a nutshell

Public broadcasting company MAX wants to express their growth of the last years.
MAX has to let the younger sub-targetgroup 50-65 know that MAX is aware of their interests and needs and that they want to make programs based on those facts. Mas had grown very fast because of their good programming.


Based on:
The hobbies and interests of the targetgroup
The elderly experience television as positive when they see it as an option.
Max wants to create or adjust programs for the sub target group.
MAX is going to publish the weather forecast on their website Extra's & my advice

Pay attention to that young sub-targetgroup to increase your membership and to improve your image by letting them know you are there for them also.

The target group does not often go to MAX spontaneously so it’s better to bring MAX to the target group

In this campaign you’ll do this by using their hobbies and interests.

1. The assignment & question
2. Desired image and targetgroup in a nutshell
3. Targetgroups
4. Cross media campaignplan
5. The Dutch public broadcasting system
6. Share in the market
7. The content of MAX
8. Identity
9. Image
10. Extra's & advice
How can broadcasting company MAX, by using a cross medial concept, positively change their image so they get more members in the period 2010-2015? Membership

Needed: 50.000 members
MAX: 65,155 members!

Needed 150.000
MAX: 238.770 members!

MAX wants to subscribe 300.000 members in 2014.
More members = more airtime Current identity

Broadcasting company MAX is a public broadcasting company for people with ages of 50 years and older

Reach all people above 50 year
Based their themes and genres on the interests of the target group
Change the negativity around the elderly

The values of MAX: Involved, Open and Reliable.

Not only quality tv but also organize meetings between the target audience
MAX does not lose the elderly who are lonely and they give them entertainment, knowledge and contacts.

Takes it’s time (‘slow tv’ ) Not the same show at the same hour every day

Dull and moldy
Daytrips for people with a disability

No commercials and less vulgar topics.

Old people - Collaborations

Enlarging the efficienty and the effectivity

TELEAC, ANBO, UniekBO, newspapers Radio

MAX at 4 of the 6 channels

JAZZ at 6
MAX at Midnight Internet

MAX reached over 300.000 unique visitors a month in total

MAX Meeting Point.nl
To join clubs en to get to know each other virtually

NPO ingeneral is following the social media trend!
What about MAX? DESTEP

Demographic: aging
Economic: money
Social-Cultural: 3 different sub groups
Technologic: the internet
Ecologic: the environment
Politics: the state Desired identity

The identity of MAX should not be altered.


Prize of media company of the year 2009
The fastest growing broadcasting company of Hilversum.
Desired image

The aging-issue and posivity about the elderly
Not only interesting for the seniors with the age of 65 and up
Open for ideas from the viewers
So, what is the problem?

The image that the younger target group has, is the most important one and is the reason why many people under the age of 65 do not watch MAX. They do not see themselves as the MAX target group.
They have to know that MAX exists to make television for THEM too!
Pre-war/Silent generation Protest generation
-Enjoying their pension - Active in labor market and volunteer work
-Values and ideas of the old days - Specific views and behavior
-Experienced the war - Influenced by cultural revolution
-Homelike and good health - Socially involved, hobbies and spare time
- Work, living and technology

Visual image about the protest generation (50-64 years old)

The usage of media is increasing enormously by age. (Chart)
The MAX experience..........

Cross media:

Direct-marketing, TV, website
Flyer and map
Interactive mushroom

If someone does not like to bike of walk, this concept could also be used in the city
Example: SUDOKU The point of this all is to express how fast MAX has grown into a big successful broadcasting company and let the target group know that the program makers listen to their wishes.
The target group is getting the MAX experience.

Questions? Marlies van Hooijdonk
16 april 2010 Current image
Full transcript