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daeun's presentation(amending)

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Jiyoung Youn

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of daeun's presentation(amending)

Dong-in Talent Show!
of Dong-in Elementary School Hi, I am Hi!
I'm Park Yeon Joo Next,
Hush Little Baby
Ode to Joy
Pinocchio A Small Glimpse of
the Future Be Rainy Storm
with Thunder The End The Talent Show It's Da-eun, again First Up, Flute & Violin
Ensemble by Heo Eun with 15 students Last, Last in the news, News Anchor Lee Da-eun & Park Yeon-joo, Saying Goodbye! on the News for
Dong-in Talant Show From Sep 20 to Sep 28 in Dong-in Hall Student from the First to Sixth Grade The Third Grader's Talent Show of Dong-in at Dong-in Hall Messages of Congratulations to Dong-in from all over the world Rehearsal Area Where They Have Been Working Hard Forecasting for the Third Grader's Future Now for the main news
Talent Show Rehearsal Area! Thank You to Please
Give Us
a Big Applause! BUT Soon Be Clear and Sunny! and We Love You! All the Parents Here Lee Da-eun Now it's closing... at the Annual Talent Show. movie inserted

the principal of
Dong-in elementary. I'm Kim Chung Soo, Celebrations from all over the world
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