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MSc in Migration Studies, 2016-17

No description

Dace Dzenovska

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of MSc in Migration Studies, 2016-17

MSc in Migration Studies
Paper II: Migration, Globalisation, and Social Transformations
(Michaelmas & Hilary Terms)
- The course aims to familiarise you with common qualitative and quantitative research methods in migration studies. It will train you to be both a critical consumer and producer of social scientific data;

- Lectures and tutorials;

- Assessed with a portfolio (beginning of TT).
- The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop a critical understanding of the institutionalized vocabulary within which politics of migration are located, as well as to think about keywords as sites of social and political change;

- Lectures, seminar-style discussions, and student-led presentations;

- Feeds into all assessed elements.
Paper I: International Migration in Social Sciences
(Michaelmas Term)
- Different disciplinary perspectives in conversation with each other in relation to specific migration-related topics;

- Lectures and tutorials;

- Assessed with an essay (beginning of HT).
- This paper introduces the main migration theories, discusses their strengths and weaknesses, and explores whether and how theories can be integrated (MT);

- Features in-house research on migration (HT);

- Lectures and tutorials;

- Assessed with an exam (beginning of TT).
Options (Hilary Term)
- One option from "home pool";

- One option from the wider pool, subject to availability;

- Assessed by an exam (beginning of TT).
- 15,000 words;

- Supervised;

- Trinity Term (June 15).
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