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lesson plan for English Second Language Learner

No description

samantha lopez

on 30 August 2012

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Transcript of lesson plan for English Second Language Learner

Objectives :
Given a series of story pictures the learner should be able to use the ing form of verbs with at least 80 percent accuracy. Motivation:
What is the girl doing? Is she happy
to read a letter? Are you happy when
you get letters? Presentation: This is the body of the letter of nora for lita I am studying in Sevilla Elementary School. We are preparing very well for the contest. They are hanging curtains along every window. The big boys are planting in our school yard. My school is becoming a wide green field. Answer these questions:
1. Where is Nora studying?
2. What are they doing?
3. What are they doing with the curtains?
4. What are the boys doing in the yard?
5. What is happening in their school? What words are found before the verbs with
-ing (am, is and are) in the letter? Activity 1
Select the words inside the box that will fill
in the blanks of the following sentences. painting watering playing
listening writing I am ______________ some pictures. Nita and lily are ____________ the plants. The children are ____________ hide and sick. Rosa is _____________ a letter. We are _____________ to a story. The children are (singing, praying)
in the school. The girls are (singing, dancing). Marita and Tina are (setting, dusting)
the table. I am (watching a television program,
listening to the radio). Application 1: Application 2:
Write sentences using the following
-ing verbs.

watering the plants praying to the lord

cleaning the car studying the multiplication table

planting vegetables coloring the book Evaluation:
Underline the correct action words inside
the parenthesis.
1. Jose (is preparing, are preparing) the seed
2. Lito and his brother (is counting, are counting)
the eggs in the basket.
3. Mother (is washing, are washing) clothes.
4. The fireman (is putting, are putting) out fire.
5. The school bus (is waiting, are waiting) outside
the campus. Assignment:
Write at least five sentences about school activities using action words ending -ing. Using verbs with -ing The boys are (jumping, riding)a horse. Select the action words that best
describes the picture. Audience: English for second language learner
Third grade level
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