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Pet Pros Resort-Business Plan

Luxury Pet Boarding and Grooming

Joleigh Sartiano

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Pet Pros Resort-Business Plan

Pet Pros Resort
Luxury Pet Boarding and Grooming
Dr. Phillips, Florida
Services Offered
Contributed to a wide variety of projects and have gained solid knowledge of how to move projects forward
From 2009 to present constantly improving an expertise in the marketing and project management fields: studied Creative industries program for two years, participated in a variety of trainings and conferences related to Facebook marketing and project management (Facebook Marketing Conference, Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence course, etc.)
Also had a few high-qualified mentors in project management and personal-development, sharing their experience and knowledge.
- Colin Powell
“…I was incredibly impressed with her professionalism, creativity and efficiency. I am certain she can do for others what she has done brilliantly for me.”
Jared Hall, Owner, Metro Subs
“…We were always very delighted with the good results: creativity, big sales, highly satisfied customers. Iveta likes to exceed all expectations.”
Girius Merkys, CEO, Merkio Krautuvele
"Deserved special
"Client oriented
"High analytical mind"
"Posses a talent of empathy"
"Tremendous asset
for a company"
"Not afraid to do something new"
to work with"
"So young
and so vibrant"
"Surpasses all expectations"
"Completely surrenders herself to everything that she does"
I’m taking the next step!
Already have
a work permit!
"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work."
It’s time for new
challenges and opportunities.
Questions and Comments
Looking for a full-time job as
Facebook Marketing Specialist
Here is the mission statement for Pet Pros Resort
We are amazing!!!!!!
Mobile Grooming
Pet Chauffeur
Self-Grooming Stations

Industry Analysis
 Variety of unique products/services offered
 Being 100% Green Certified Company
 Strong Management with experience within the industry
 Favorable location
 Being 100% Green Certified

• Lack of visibility in the community
• Starting Capital vs. everything wanted to be incorporated in services provided
• Need of Customer Base
 Expansion
 High Demand
 Philanthropy
 Utilizing Social Media
• Competitors
• Economy
• Seasonal Demand
• Inclement Weather for the Mobile Units
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