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Eddie Rockets - Consumer Behaviour - DT365/4

This Prezi is a group project on the Irish fast food chain Eddie Rockets. The project group consisted of: Aoife Clear, Michelle Harrison, Tara Keane, Ciara Mac Giollariogh, Louise Murphy, Liam Parry and Paul Whelan.

Liam Parry

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Eddie Rockets - Consumer Behaviour - DT365/4

Eddie Rockets
Consumer Behaviour CA


Website features:
About us
Kids zone
Join Eddie's eClub
Current promotions
Says it's 2012 - not updated
Eddie's E-Club interacts with customers...target emails are good.

But... no menu online
Fun facts are good and engaging

The Lowdown: 'The Guard' was released in 2011!
Again, there is a generic response given to every complaint with very few customers indicating that they followed up on their message and contacted the Eddie Rockets e-mail address provided in the response.
Over Facebook however, they did provide a phone number as well.
Customer Inquiries / Complaints and Eddie Rockets Responses - Facebook

Customer Inquiries / Complaints and Eddie Rockets Responses – Facebook - Continued
Customer Inquiries / Complaints and Eddie Rockets Responses - Twitter
There is a generic response given to every complaint; with very few customers indicating that they followed up on their Tweet and contacted the Eddie Rockets e-mail address provided in the response.
Customer Inquiries / Complaints and Eddie Rockets Responses - Twitter
35 posts


8 following

Started: February 2013

www.eddierockets.ie- link to their website

Links comps on their fb and twitter pages

Competitions- Valentine’s Day 14th of Feb-Win one of 10 €25 vouchers

#EddieRockets-Take a pic of a dish and a photo wins a €20 voucher ( Any store)

Promotes photos of new meals/burgers e.g. double classic hamburger-when new movie anchorman came out

Christmas time-Christmas jumper photos, turkey burger,”Baby its cold outside”-fav dessert off the menu

Halloween comp-Transform photo in eddies scary photo booth on fb + Free Soda
• Eddie Rocket’s Limited is an Irish restaurant chain

• Headquarters in Dublin.

• Offers American-style food in 1950s' style diners (similar to the Johnny Rockets diner restaurants in the United States).

• Owned by Rocket Restaurants Limited.

• Rocket Restaurants Limited opened their first restaurant in Dublin in 1989

• Eddie Rocket's restaurants are largely franchised; with 32 of the 40 restaurants held by franchisees.

• It is a member of the Irish Franchise Association.

Like their Facebook page, they are very active on twitter.
They post and re-tweet customers regularly.


On their Twitter page they have over 49,000 less followers then their Facebook page
They have numerous photo albums; for food, events and different holiday seasons
Facebook is kept up to date, posting regularly
Here is an example how a simple post can reach a large range of people and ensure people are thinking about Eddie Rocket's
Facebook Competitions
Eddie Rockets
Target Special Occasions
Eddie Rocket's and Instagram are largely connected.
Customers can post pictures of their food on Instagram and then have a chance to win a €20 voucher.
Very effective, but need to rejuvenate it; i.e more independence from Instagram
Instagram Competitions
Customer Pictures
Kids Zone is a great feature of the website
Again we have to ask if these are up to date or not?
In addition to this, Eddie Rockets have a minimal number of subscribers to their channel – only 27.

There have also only been a total of seven videos uploaded by Eddie Rockets in the past four years which their channel has been active.
While Eddie Rockets mention the majority of competitions on their Twitter page, these generally consist of an explanation followed by a link to their Facebook or Instagram page.

However, in saying this, there is a constant linking of content between all social media platforms; therefore, driving engagement.

Although Eddie Rockets currently have their own Youtube channel, the overall strength of this platform is quite poor.

While engagement with the channel began quite strong with regular postings of videos, the most recent upload by Eddie Rockets has been over one year ago.
Youtube Channel
Facebook Competitions Mentioned on Twitter

Instagram Competitions Mentioned on Twitter

Applied Theory
We believe that Eddie Rocket's is trying to bring an ‘American Style Diner’ to Ireland. They also bring the American lifestyle.

The lifestyle concept is used by marketers to understand consumers' everyday needs and wants to position products in terms of how they can help consumers to follow their desired lifestyles.

Eddie Rockets' pricing plan is higher than the average fast food diner as customers are paying for the experience as well as the food.
The family is the most important reference group for consumer reference groups. It shapes an individual’s personality, values and attitudes about consumption through role socialisation.

Our aim is to target the decision maker (generally the mother) of the family household. Eddie Rocket's targets the family through their ‘Family Day’.
Technology certainly assists in the pressures of keeping in touch and maintaining these relationships.

The average friend count for 13-17 year olds on Facebook in Ireland for females is 426 and 356 for males.

Mobile phone is the epicenter of the tween life. This is where our recommendation of developing an app is derived.

95% of 12-14 year olds have a mobile phone; Eddie Rocket's targets this age cohort.
When Eddie Rocket's is searched, their main website, Wikipedia page, images, map of locations and articles about the diner are retrieved
However, when we searched for “Fast Food Diner”, Eddie Rocket's appeared on the first page
"Milkshake" Search
When keywords such as "Fast Food”, “Milkshake” and “Burger” were searched for in Google, we found that there were no Eddie Rocket's related searches found for the first 4 pages.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of affecting the visibility of a website/web pages in a search engine’s natural search results.
App - deliver system, Instagram link for competitions, store locator, loyalty check-in system, Twitter and Facebook streams. 

Website - no menu

SEO - fast food, fast food diner, milkshakes, burgers - no results on first 4 pages.
City diner, is first on search results

While their interaction with customers on Facebook and Twitter is good, their response to customer complaints must be improved.
Overall Recommendations
Install online menu

Provide information about and links to competitions

Update advertisements and information - 2012 needs to be 2014

Explain E-Club in more detail and highlight benefits of joining
Recommendation Five - Website

In Order for Eddie Rockets to increase their customer awareness, we feel that a major recommendation would be to hire an SEO expert, in order to have “Eddie Rocket's” mentioned on the first page when key words for diners and fast food are searched for.
Recommendation Four - SEO
Recommendation Three -
Twitter Competitions
Although Eddie Rockets’ Twitter page is quite interactive, they hold no competitions solely on this social media platform.

As they only have 3,346 followers, competitions carried out exclusively on Twitter could help to boost this figure
We feel that Eddie Rocket's must do the following to improve their image online:

Increase response times to customer complaints and queries

Stop using the generic response message on both Facebook and Twitter and reply to the customer with a more personal touch

This will prevent alienating customers through receiving the same message as every other person that has lodged a complaint.
Recommendation Two – Public Responses

Run more seasonal competitions which can be portrayed over all social media platforms

Eddie Rocket's must make it apparent on all their social sites that they have Instagram
Recommendation One - Instagram

Youtube Channel
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