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Ali Kashwani

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SMART TAXI ONLINE

New definition of Luxury in Transportation
Team Memebers:
Ali Kashwani
Eman Alshamsi
Fatima Alnuami
Rafeeah Alkitbi

The database structure of the IS
Features of the Smart Taxi IS
Observations and Recommendations
Infotainment LCD
Information about important government, entertainment Services and tourism.
Smart advertising.
Utility payments.
booking cinema tickets, check in flights.
The End
Purposes of the Smart Taxi
Establishment: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) came into formation in November 2005,

Role: Developing integrated solutions of road systems and marine networks

Sectors: RTA consists of seven main sectors
1. Strategy and Corporate Governance,
2. Corporate Administrative Support Services,
3. Corporate Technical Support Services,
4. Public Transport Agency,
5. Traffic and Road Agency,
6. Rail Agency,
7. Licensing Agency

And a subsidary company Dubai Taxi owned by RTA.
Organization History
Organization History
Purposes and Benefits of the Smart Taxi IS
The competitive strategies for Dubai Smart Taxi
The Technologies used
The architecture of the information system
The database structure of the information systems
Features of the Smart Taxi Information System
Implementation Process
Observations and recommendation
Smart Taxi Model
15,000 Customer Bookings per day, Almost 300,000 street pickups per day and 24,000,000 events in vehicles per day.

1. Provide multi channels taxi reservations.
2. Meet Objective of Dubai smart city.
3. Facilitate a customer’s friendly experience interface.
4. Increase customer satisfaction.
5. Managing driver attendance and punctuality.
6. Monitors potential fraud risk and equipment misuse.

Benefits of the Smart Taxi
The Architecture of the Information System
Relational Database Management system (RDBMS).

Structured Query Language such as Microsoft SQL Server 2005

The Technologies used
1. Internet Network.
2. Smart phones (GPRS).
3. LCD screens.
4. NFC ( Near Field Communication).
5. Smart meter.
6. GPS (location positioning).

Available on App store (ISO) and Google play (Android) .
Bilingual (Arabic - English)

Implementation Process
Smart Digital Meter
Provides calculation of fares.
Less crowded routes and shortest distances (real time GPS)
information about reservation number, weather conditions and road traffics.
Notifications of vehicle misuse (speeding and equipment tempering)
The competitive strategies for Dubai Smart Taxi
Differentiation Strategy.
Innovation Strategy (new concept in public transportation).
Alliance strategies (Emirates NBD).

- GPS map view no available in the passengers infotainment LCD screen.

- Lack of advanced features and options in the Smartphone application.

- No USB ports.

- Drivers has final route choice.

- Absence of emergency pickups.

- Estimated pick-p time is not provided.

SmartTaxi Application
Ordering Taxi (Hailing or classical).
Advance Booking Feature.
Booking History and Favorite list.
Rating for quality reporting.
Extra features (car capacity, baby seat, ramp )
Observations and Recommendations
Other Features
Payment devices designed by the Network International- National Bank of Dubai (NBD).
Different Payment methods; such as: (cash, credit card, NFC and NOL)
LED taxi signage
Free WiFi

- Include map view in the infotainment screen.

- Adding more features to the classical process of pre-booking via the application.

- Adding USB ports to the vehicle

- Provide best three different routes and give the final route choice to the client.

- Introduce the option of requesting a taxi for emergency (2-3 minutes pick).

- Include the estimated pick-up time along with acceptance of the request
- Direct communication channel with the driver is missing.

- Notification messege is the only way to alert the customer about taxi arrival.

- Driver's rating is not available for clients in advance boking prefrence.

- The application does not provide information about the estimated service fare.

- Trip tracking option is not available in the application.

- Include call icon next to the driver's details.

- Add more notification options.

- Allow the clients to review the driver rating in advance booking.

- Enable sharing the estimated cost of the required service in advance.

- Insert an option which allows sharing the ride information of the taxi with others.

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