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I am Malala Book Analysis

English book presentation on I am Malala

Amanda Anderson

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of I am Malala Book Analysis




Book By:
Malala Yousafzai

Amanda Anderson
Plot Diagram
"If one man, Fazlullah, can destroy everything, why can't one girl change it?" Location 1599

Fazlullah is the man who took over Pakistan and made things really terrible for them and supported the Taliban.
Strengths and Weaknesses
Strength: Accurate history and details

"My country may not be very old, but unfortunately it already has a history of military coups, and...a general called Zia ul-Haq seized power...he was a feudal lord." Location 307

Weakness: Lack of explanation of characters

"I meet my best friend Moniba and we sit together, talking and joking as if I had never left." Location 26
Character Analysis
Characteristics of Malala
Title Significance
She is declaring who she is and what she stands for.

"I was speaking up for my right as a Muslim woman to be able to go to school."Location 3159

"They were from people all over the world wishing me a speedy recovery, many of them schoolchildren." Location 3222
Going to school represents freedom.

"How could they stop more than 50,000 girls from going to school in the twenty-first century?" Location 1794

"When someone takes away your pens you realize quite how important education is." Location 1819

"The Taliban is against education because they think that when a child reads a book or learns English or studies science he or she will become Westernized." Location 1840

Social or Historical Significance
The book makes the point of identifying issues found in Pakistan in the present day. There are many issues found in Pakistan. There are political, economic, and social issues. The Taliban took over Pakistan at one point and caused a lot of issues for them. The most major of issues found in this book is that of whether or not girls should be allowed to go to school. The whole book was based off of this debate.
Swat, Pakistan

Present time

Over 15 years

Scenes in her home, her school, and the hospital in England.
Don't take advantage of what you do have

"He believed schooling should be available for all, rich and poor, boys and girls." Location 442
"The Taliban could take our pens and books, but they couldn't stop our minds from thinking." Location 1658
"When someone takes away your pens you realize quite how important education is." Location 1819
Author Background
In, I am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai, it describes the journey of Malala's fight for her right to go to school. She is born in Pakistan and lives a very simple, standard life. Her father runs the school that she goes to; which is very unappreciated by the Taliban who have taken over her country. She "fights" the Taliban and their standards through speeches and conferences; also by continuing to go to school. All of these "fights" have put a target on her head; literally, when she is shot in the head by the Taliban and survives. Malala's one dream was to go to school and she obtained that.
Born in Swat, Pakistan
Siblings Born
Father started a school
Country went through rough military leaders
Taliban took over Afghanistan
Taliban took over Pakistan
Period of relief
Excelled in school
She spoke out against Taliban
Continued defiance
Taliban chose specific targets
Malala is shot by the Taliban
She went through major surgery
Her story heard worldwide
Good recovery
She spends the next year in England, living her life.
Malala Yousafzai was born in Swat, Pakistan on July 12, 1997. Her father owned a girls and boys skill in her village. She loved going to school and felt lucky that she could go. When the Taliban took over Pakistan, everyone was fear stricken, except her and her father. They survived the first rush of destruction and terror from them. Her and her father constantly spoke out about what the Taliban were doing wrong. This led to her being shot and the writing of her book.
Her name means "grief-stricken"
She was named after Malalai of Maiwand, a famous Pahtun poet.
She develops a lot of intelligence and confidence throughout her life (the story)
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