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Nuclear power


Siming Lao

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Nuclear power

In Nuclear fission atoms are split into smaller atoms,which releases tons of force.When that stage is done the machine's can harness that energy and convert it into energy.Nuclear fusion is almost the same but the exact opposite.In a nuclear fusion atoms are fused or combined into larger atoms.When fusing two or more atom's that size and energy stored in the atom doubles and increases until the atom's reach its limit point.when the atom reaches the limit point it'll explode into a large amount of energy,much more greater then a nuclear fission.The only problem with using Nuclear power is that it runs on Uranium,which is a non-renewable resosource.Though there is uranium everywhere,in rocks power plants look for a specific king of Uranium called u-235. Facts At the start of the process scientists must first extract the Uranium from the ground,then convert it into fuel,before it is used to make energy.When the Uranium is done and ready to be used,a small part of the atom called the neutron makes contact with the Uranium,the chain reaction causes the atom to split into smaller atoms (which is Nuclear fission.)In the world there are only two kinds of nuclear chain reactors,(a boiling water and a pressurized water reactor.)A boiling water reactor is when heated water turns the core of the vessel,which turns it into a steam.Then the steam turns the turbine generator.A pressurized water reactor is when the reactor heats up boiling water,but keeps it pressurized so it stays liquid and not steam. The hot temperatures of the radioactive water travels through a path way called the steam generator.A steam generator is a large cylinder that contains thousands of tubes that allow the radio active water to pass by.When the water reached outside,its not radioactive water anymore so it turns into hot water then into steam by time. Uranium is found all over the world but U-235 is quite rare to find.Nuclear power plants use a lot of common uranium,but the best king is U-235,which is the rarest kind of uranium to be mined for.In 2008 almost all the uranium came from Canada and Australia.44% of the uranium to power nuclear power plants came from these two countries. Nuclear energy doesn't emit any carbon dioxide,which means that nuclear energy dosesn't interfere with global warming.Nuclear energy does one major problem;it makes radioactive waste after it's been used.Radioactive waste can be both dangerous to animals and to humans.It took scientists a long time to find a way to dispose the waste. Soon scientists found a way to dispose of nuclear waste,by placing it underground.By placing it underground the waste can't harm anything and the waste can be kapt there until the end of time. Interesting Facts About Nuclear Energy 42% of uranium comes from Canada and Australia,33% came from Kazakhstan Russia and Ubbekistan,11% came from Brazil,Czech Republic,Nambilia,Niger,South Africa,and the UK Nuclear enegry doesnt emit any carbon dioxide, which means that nuclear energy doesnt have to do any damage or is a part of global warning Today Nuclear power plants have the latest nuclear earthquake protection gear so durning an earthquake the power plants wont crash down and cause more damage to the comminuty. Ontairo has the most nuclear industry in Canada. Nuclear waste that was made by nuclear energy can be highly radiactive and can remain for thousands of year. Nuclear power plants try their best to increase their saftey system but no power plant is 100% safe. 14% of all uranium comes from the United States. The very first nuclear power plant was made in Obninsk,in the Kaluga reigon.Instead of using a water and pressurized water reactor like today they used a uranium like reactor called "peaceful atom." This Nuclear power plant has been working 50 years without any sign of nuclear explosions and accidents. On March 22,1975 a fire leak inside the nuclear power plant exploded into balls of flames.The fire got the wires and the cables that were outside and inside the power plant which caused major problems for the workers and the saftey of the lives within the plant,because the power plant wasnt fire resitident to the flame.It spreaded to the electric cables.When it hit the cables the heat traveled into the electric cables and got more of the nuclear power plant in flames.After the fire was put out,firefighters found out that just a single candle caused all this problem and chaos.The candle fell of the counter,or the ledge and landed on the seal and the wires which caused the plant to explode into flames. Today most nuclear power plants use more then 3 layers of fire-resitident shields from causing any damage to the Power plants saftey.The 3 things that the nuclear power plant has for protection is fire barriers,detection system and the most common,sprinklers.But when a fire does start the Saftey system shuts down the reactor saftely at an event of a fire. Nuclear power doesnt edmit any carbon dixoide,but the only harm with nuclear power is that it makes nuclear waste after when the uranium is used up. Today All muclear power plants give out 16% of all the electricity in the world.With the public nuclear power can increase and grow much faster then usual.Nuclear power doesnt edmit green house gases or carbon dixoide so its earth friendly but its non-renewable because it runs on uranium,a non-renewable resource. All the heat of one nuclear power plant has the power to heat up at least fifty thousand homes each week In total there were 400 nuclear power power plants in 2009 When people say Its a meltdown,it means that the heat was so strong that it melted the waste.Which spreads across the surrounding environment which can cause a huge problem to the animals that live in that located area.When the meltdown is finished the particulate matter,as in smoke steam,etc flows through the air for a random amount in distance depending on the wind.Once it makes the landing it can cause sickness,organ failure and all different kinds of cancers,and other health issues.It can also affect animals in the areas. If they make contact with the ground where the infected nuclear meltdown landed. By:Siming Lao,Kavin Trinh,Tony Ngo The end Nuclear Energy By:SimingLao,KavinTrinh,TonyNgo
By:Tony Ngo,Kavin Trinh ,and Siming Lao
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