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IB Information Night

No description

Marnie DeJohn

on 13 December 2017

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Transcript of IB Information Night

International Baccalaureate
What is IB?
Who should do IB?
Why IB?
IB Courses
The Core
A rigorous, two-year academic program.
Students take six academic courses
Also take "Theory of Knowledge"
Each course ends in an exam
Students write a 4,000 word essay
Students participate in CAS
IB Students Gain:
Time Management
and Writing Skills
A Sense of
Greater success in college

Recognized internationally for rigor Recognized nationally for rigor

Individual courses or full comprehensive program Individual courses only

IB score based on multiple assessments over time AP score based on one exam at the end of the course

Both Internal and external assessments External assessments only

Process and content driven Content-driven
A rigorous, two year academic program
The program offers a balanced curriculum and
international perspective
Students are also required to engage in community service, individual research, and an inquiry into the nature of knowledge.
"IB Programmes promote the education of the
whole person
, emphasizing intellectual, personal, emotional, and social growth through all domains of knowledge."
What are the next steps?

Discuss IB possibilities with students, parents and guidance counselors
Choose courses for sophomore year that will help prepare for IB
Sign up for IB Diploma Programme during course selection of 10th grade
What is the difference between IB and AP?
Can a student take just one or two IB courses?
Is there a fee to participate in the IB program?
Students Take 6 courses over two years
Three are Higher Level (HL)
Three are Standard Level (SL)
IB courses at Queensbury
English Language & Lit
Foreign Language (French or Spanish)
Social Studies (History or Economics)
Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)
6th Course is student's choice (Music, Art, or a second SS or Science Course)
Theory of Knowledge
To Receive an IB Diploma, students must:
Take courses from all 6 groups
Complete the Extended Essay
Complete CAS Requirement
Take Theory of Knowledge
Score successfully on IB Exams
Is IB really hard?
How much credit can you get for college?
Theory of Knowledge
Extended Essay
Creativity, Action, Service
Extended Essay
A research essay written by each DP student on a topic of the student's choice.
Student is paired with a faculty member for guidance
Written outside of class, but students have about a year to complete

Theory of Knowledge:

A course based around the Question "How do we know?"
All other IB courses connect to ToK
Areas of Knowledge

Human Sciences
Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Natural Sciences
Religious Knowledge Systems
Ways of Knowing

Sense Perception
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