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Things Fall Apart: Ibo Culture v.s. Modern Reality: American

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Kimi Yubikiri

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart: Ibo Culture v.s. Modern Reality: American

Connection: 1
Begins when it involves food
Connection: 2
Inheritance can help ensure the probability of becoming a doctor
Festivals evolve around family, heritage, tradition and culture.
Things Fall Apart: Ibo Culture v.s. Modern Reality: American Culture
Modern Reality: Our Culture
Things Fall Apart: Ibo Culture
Healers are widely consulted in the search of cause of distress, illicitness, ritual curses
In the Ibo culture, one may inherit the practice of medicine from your family or your parent
The Ibo lived believe that sorcery, witch craft, and super human forces can heal or treat a person's sickness
According to the Ibo culture, a serious illness is never allowed to rest without a consultation of a powerful force (spirits)
The Ibo calendar consists of...
13 months
7 weeks in a month
4 days a week
Kola Nut
Medicine Man
Yam Festival
It is usually celebrated in the beginning of August at the end of the rainy season. Yams are the first crops of the season to be harvested. People offer yams to Gods and ancestors before distributing them to villagers to give thanks to the spirits.
Most masquerades are covered from head to toe with some piece of clothing or/and bamboo rafters. Finally, a wooden mask is worn over the face. The mask varies depending on the type of masquerade and the place of origin within the Ibo land. The masquerade appears during traditional celebrations (funerals) and festivals (New Yam Festival).
Kola nut ceremony
Second Slide
Activities Done at the Festivals
colorful dances and rituals
Toast to the Gods or spirits for a particular holiday
Wrestling events
In American culture, a guest is not obligated to bring a present.
To be a doctor a minimum of 12 years is required to be able to practice medicine.
Western medicine is not heavily invested in the spiritual or tribal cultures.
In western medical practices there is physical and documented proof that the treatment practices work.
The American calendar consists of...
12 months
4 weeks in a month
7 days a week
Americans have so many festivals but they are not one of which is mandatory.
They do not require everyone to come.
Connection: 3
Presenting the Kola Nut
The kola nut is first presented to the host, then to the next ranking male in the family, next to the guests, and back to the hosts (women excluded)
The kola presentation symbolizes peace and welcome
If an error is made during the presentation, then the person is considered unreliable
Blessing of the Kola Nut
They pray for peace, life, and downfall of enemies
The oldest person says the blessings because he is closest to the ancestors
Breaking of the Kola Nut
The nut is broken, with a knife, into cotyledons and is distributed according to seniority
In the South, the youngest person breaks the nut. In the North, the oldest person breaks the nut
The host eats the first piece
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