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LT. General Romeo Dallaire

No description

shawn ramsay

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of LT. General Romeo Dallaire

In 2005 Dallaire was appointed to the canadian senate
Romeo Dallaire
Before the Genocide Rwanda was know as the "Tropical Switzerland in the heart of Africa"
Before the Genocide
In 1990 a civil war broke out between, aggravating the exiting tension between the Tutsi minority and the Hutu majority.
Rwanda Genocide
LT. General Romeo Dallaire
The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)
The Tutsi's were characterized as accomplices with the RPF
All hutu members of opposite parties were deemed traitors.
The main cause was, when the President's plane was shot down on april 6th 1994
Rwanda's population stood well above 7 million
He is a Canadian humanitarian, bestselling author, public speaker and retired senator and general
In 2014 he along with his senate peers were removed from the party by party leader Justin Trudeau
What is he doing now?
After the gonocide, Romeo left with severe PTSD, He was asked to testify the international criminal tribunal for rwanda in Tanzania
This made his PTSD symtoms much worse, he would fall into fits of rage, he would avoid social event or interations
“The Rwandan genocide will never leave me”
After effect
In 2000 he attempted to commit suicide
During the massacre, Dallaires troops went from 2500 down to a few hundred, nations withdrew their trrops within the first days of the genocide
Romeo stayed with his few hundred troops, after the UN refused to send more troops, they stayed to save as many people as possible, saving the lives of 32,000 people
Why stay?
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