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Pre-Classical Greek Art - Perfection of Youth for 500 years

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Glenna Negron

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Pre-Classical Greek Art - Perfection of Youth for 500 years

Pre-Classical Greek Art - Perfection of Youth for 500 years
Topic 4
Topic 5

Ancient Greek human figures represent the idea of youth and beauty. This representation is mostly found in marble statues of young men, and young women. These statues are monuments, monuments dedicated to the gods, or memorials to dead youth.
The earliest object that was exhibited, was only half human! It was a painted clay centaur, found in the north of Athens. The sculpture shows wisdom, with its solid human torso and four legs that have been attached to the horse-like body. The object was most likely a prized possession, as the head and the body were found separately in the graves of two members of the same family.
Topic 3
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