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Guitar Chords

No description

Maria Anderson

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords By: Maria What are Chords? Chords are 3 or more notes
played at the same time to
make a pretty sound. How many chords are there? There is no known number on how
many there are, but I do know that
there is over 70. What are Tabs? Tabs are the way to read
guitar chords. They look like
a mini guitar neck. E String B String G String D String A String E String 1 2 3 Means: Finger One--> Pointer Finger Means: Finger 2--> Middle Finger Means: Finger 3--> Ring Finger Key x x "X"s mean that you
don't strum the sting
it is next to. What is the difference between notes? Chords are three notes played at
once, notes are just one "note"
played. When were they founded? There is no exact year when
they were first introduced, but
they were around the 1500's. 3 Interesting Facts About the Guitar The guitar is believed to be brought
from the Romans to the Hispania in 40 AD. Originally they were made
out of various woods and the
strings were made out of animal
guts. Now the strings are typically
made out of nylon and steel. My Reliable Sources: My Reliable Sources:
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