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Europe Tour Project- Elyse & John D

No description

John D

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Europe Tour Project- Elyse & John D

Welcome to Worldwide Wonders
This tour is brought to you by: Elyse H and John D
Here is some basic information about this country that you should know before we start seeing sights.
Our first stop is Greece.


Official Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Government: Constitutional Republic

Current Leader: President Karolos Paupolias
Welcome to Spain!
We have arrived at Austria.
Here are some key facts you may want to know:
Official Language: German

Currency: Euro

Government: Federal parliament

Current Leader: Heinz Fischer
Here is a quick summary of the country:
Official Language: Spanish

Currency: Euro

Government: Constitutional Monarchy, Unitary State

Current Leader: Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
Athens, Rome
Madrid, Spain
Welcome to Italy!
Below is a little bit of info about this country:
Official Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

Government: Constitutional republic

Current Leader: President Giorgio Napolitano
We have made it to Ireland!
Rome, Italy
Before the rest of the tour, here are some important facts about the country:
Official Language: Gaelic

Currency: Euro

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Current Leader: Michael D. Higgins
And our final stop... Iceland!
About the country:
Official Language: Icelandic

Currency: Icelandic króna

Government: Constitutional Republic

Current Leader: Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson
Vienna, Austria
Physical Characteristic: Aegean Sea
Dublin, Ireland
The Aegean Sea is located to the east of Greece, and west of Turkey. Its area is 82,626 square miles, and has over 25 small islands.
Reykjavik, Iceland
Physical Characteristic:

Human Characteristic:
Millennium Tower

Physical Characteristics:
Andalusian Mountains
Human Characteristics:
Bunratty Castle
Physical Characteristics:
Human Characteristics:
The Sun Voyager
The Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria and one of the highest peaks in The Alps, reaching 3,798 meters. The Grossglockner Alpine Road is a road that leads you up to the highest point of this mountain. This road weaves through the Alps and is around 48 kilometers long.
In the spring of 1799, Prince Salam ordered that several mountain dwellers explore the easiest route on the Grossglocker and to built a hut at about the half-way point. (The Salam Hut stands today near the original location). Sadly, this first expedition failed due to heavy snowfalls.
The Millennium Tower is the 2nd tallest building in Vienna, Austria, reaching 202 meters. It began being built in 1997 and was finished in 1999. This concrete skyscraper has around 35 elevators and 1,500 parking spaces. Today it is used as a commercial office and a hotel.
In Ancient History, the Greeks were protected by two different physical characteristics: mountains, and the Aegean Sea.
Burren is a region in Ireland and is one of the largest karst landscapes in Europe. The region measures about 250 square kilometers. Some of Burren is designated as Burren National Park and is the smallest of 6 national parks in Ireland. 3/4 of Ireland's flower species grow here. The Burren has a temperate climate. Average air temperatures range from 15°C in July to 6°C in January. The sunniest days are in late May.
Human Characteristic: Acropolis of Athens
Physical Characteristic: Mount Etna
Human Characteristic:
Human Characteristic: Alhambra Palace
Physical Characteristic: Andalusian Mountains
*karst- terrain usually characterized by barren, rocky ground, caves, sinkholes, underground rivers, and the absence of surface streams and lakes.*
The name means the bottom or end of the Ratty river, which flows along the 15th century castle. The first recorded settlement at this castle was a trading camp by vikings around 977. The exact location in the castle is unknown, since there are no remains of their settlement left. Today it is open to the public and is a main tourist attraction. It is famous for its medieval banquets at which the Bunratty Castle Entertainers perform.
The Acropolis of Athens is a building structure and old citadel. It contains many of the remains of ancient constructions.
Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The waterfall is around 32 meters long and includes 2 drops.
During the 20th century, it was believed that Gullfoss would be used to generate electricity. However, the investors' attempts to do so were unsuccessful, partly due to lack of money. The waterfall was later sold to the country of Iceland.
Human Characteristic:Parthenon
The Parthenon is a temple in Acropolis. The structure is dedicated to Athena, the goddess of strategy.
The Sun Voyager is a dreamboat, an ode to the sun. It supposedly contains within itself the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress and freedom. It was sculpted by Jon Gunnar Arnason in 1990. But, when its full scale was being built, Jon came down with leukemia and died a year before it was finished.
Manarola is a small town, and part of Cinque Terre on the northern coast of Italy.
The original use of the structure was a military base because of its surroundings.

Today, you are able to look around inside the fortress, including the independent garden opposite the Alhambra.
The Andalusian terrain has various altitudes and slopes within the different mountain ranges. Andalusia has the highest mountains in the Iberian Peninsula.
Iberian Peninsula
The active volcano is located in Sicily, Italy. The latest eruption was last year.
And that concludes our tour of Europe! We hope you learned something new today. Thank you.
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