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K Claravall

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Civics

By Katie and Claire Civics What does it mean to live in an interconnected world? How can you be a productive member of the global community and a contributing citizen of the United States? People have different beliefs, religions, leaderships, ethnicity, and history. Sometimes violence and protesting occurs when people don't agree. Why are national and global viewpoints sometimes different? Why are there greater challenges and opportunities when multiple groups interact? North Korea
North Korea threatens to launch missiles at U.S.A and South Korea
North Korea is threatening the U.S.A because the U.N punished North Korea for nuclear tests
the leader (Kim Jong Un) wants to launch missiles at U.S.A
North Korea also threatening U.S.A because of World War 2
North Korea also threatening U.S.A for being split into North and South Korea Example: An effective government is fair to the majority of it's citizens and keeps them safe, while being interconnected. An ineffective government is unfair and causes citizens to be unsafe. An ineffective government can not provide for it's people. What evidence can you find of effective and ineffective governments in the past and the present? Living in an interconnected world is when countries rely on other countries for their need and wants. Example: Haiti Earthquake

Dominican Republic sent first aid, medicine, food, and heavy debris removing equipment
U.S.A sent supplies, search and rescue teams, and gave them $10 million
Canada sent search and rescue teams and gave them money
South Korea gave the $1 million for first aid
Japan sent tents, blankets, and gave them $5 million
China sent food, equipment, and medicine
Beijing sent 60 search and rescue members, and gave them $1 million for aid
Australia gave a $9.3 million aid package
Brazil sent water, food, medicine, equipment, and search and rescue teams Example: Japan Tsunami
Australia sent search and rescue support
U.S.A sent almost 50,000 troops, aircraft that carried water for disaster area
New Zeland, Singapore, Italy, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, Sweden, Kovoso, Romania, Argentina, Norway, Iceland, and the Philippines helped Japan You can donate, pick up trash, volunteer, vote, and welcome others. Doing all of these things can make a community better. Malala Yousafzai
Fighting for woman's equal education rights
Wrote a blog to protest against unequal education rights in Pakistan
Wrote another article about living under the Taliban
Shot in October 2012, but lived
Earned National Peace Prize in Pakistan in 2011 Examples: Examples: Same Gender Marriage Legal in France
President Francois Hollande signed a bill to legalize same gender marriage
Ninth country in Europe to legalize it
More countries are beginning to pass the law Examples: Civil War in Syria
Citizens living in Syria did not like there leader/Bashar al-Assad
Citizens living there started to protest and it broke out in war
Syria's military is going against it's people The challenges when multiple groups interact are disagreeing, people not listening, different viewpoints, and not liking a person. The opportunities when multiple groups interact are deeper thinking, more examples, and it can be done faster. Examples: 9/11 terrorist attack
Airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York
Osama Bin Laden led the attack
Terrorist didn't like Americans, Jews, or Christians
Muslims don't believe in other religions
Hated Solifer when American troops confronted Saddam Hussein Example: 9/11
Osama Bin Laden didn't like Americans, Christians, or Jews
Osama was a Muslim
Osama's hatred solidified when America troops confronted Saddam Hussein, and attacked America How do you define a good government? Examples: A good government is when there are multiple leaders, cooperation, communication, and they prioritize. A good government is also when the government creates fair laws, cares for the citizens, and knows the countries culture. Equal Right for Women in America
Women have the right to cast a vote in America, but in some countries this is not allowed
Women have the right to go to school and get an education
Countries like Pakistan do not have equal right for women Example: Examples: Enforcing Gun Laws
After all of the shootings, Obama wanted to enforce gun laws
Obama gathered both leaders on gun control to reach a compromise
Obama wants to prevent shootings, so you have to do a background check before you can by a gun Example: Economy is Growing too Rapidly in China
China's economy grew extremely fast
China has a large population
Only half of the population is employed
There is not enough educated people to fill the jobs, so companies are going out of business Slavery in America
Slavery started when African slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia (1619)
Slavery was practiced throughout the seventeen and eighteen century
Abraham Lincoln was trying to stop slavery in the Civil War (1861-1865)
Abraham Lincoln stated that slaves must be free
13th amendment states no slavery What are the consequences if a government goes not provide for the common good? What would a government look like is you created it? If I created a government I would make sure there are equal education rights, voting, gun laws, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equal rights. I would make fair laws for the citizens. If the government does not provide for their citizens, the citizens may protest, start riots, commit crimes, or even start civil wars. This is caused by countries not having fair laws and don't provide them with their necessities. Example: U.S.A Trying to Create a Peace Agreement with Gaza
Creating allies and peace between other countries Examples: Example: Pentagon Demanding more Defense Missiles
Demanding more missiles because of threats from North Korea
Protecting citizens Chicago Teacher Strike
Chicago Teacher Union goes on strike
Kids are out for school in Chicago
Chicago Teacher Union thinks they are not being paid fairly and they do not get good benefits from their job www.vitalvoices.org
www.abcnews.com Examples: Resources for Research Boston Tea Party
Took place December 16, 1773
Massachusetts Patriots protested
Colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians and threw 342 British chests of tea into the harbor
England was bringing their tea to the colonies to sell, but colonists didn't like it because they made less money
Britain was putting taxes on their tea Resources for Pictures www.morguefile.com
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