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Stress Management for College Students

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on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of Stress Management for College Students

Stress Management
What is stress?
What can we do about stress?
General Adaptation Syndrome (G.A.S.)
Hans Selye (1907 - 1982) - a Montreal-based scientist who furthered our knowledge of stress.
Change your relationship to stress!
Stress gears our body to respond to a perceived emergency, whether it's a bear chasing you or a report that needs to be submitted in two hours.
Our body's response to an event
You know about Fight or Flight?
Stress was essential to our ancestors' survival. Some say we have too much stress in our lives. Is that true?
Effects of Stress
High blood pressure?
Increased heart rate
Immune system changes?
Compromised social networks?
Lower problem solving skills?
Breathing speeds up
Digestion slows down
Muscles tense
Blood clots faster
Sugar and fat pour into your blood
Is all stress bad?
When have you experienced good stress?
Stress can enhance your performance!
Internal Stressors
Negative Self Talk
"I'm so stupid."

"I'll never pass this class."

"Why can't I do anything right?"
Living an Unhealthy Life
Drinking too much caffeine and/or alcohol


Always being too busy

Getting little/no sleep
Personality Blues
Our personality traits can cause us stress.

A Type personality
Always say yes to everyone's requests
Mental Traps
"As soon as I lose -- lbs, my life will be perfect!"

"I made a mistake in my speech. I'm the worst employee ever. I'll never get the promotion."

"My friend didn't say hi to me, she must not really like me."
External Stressors
Daily Stress
Lost keys

Traffic jams

Car breaks down
Organizational Stress
Red tape


Rules and regulations

Students know all about this!
Major Life Events
Losing your job

Having a baby

Moving to a new home

Experiencing a death in the family

Going to college!
Social Stress
Dealing with other people's tempers, aggression, and anger

Family issues

Peer pressure

People who don't
support your goals.
Are these things stressful for you?
Bad stress comes from...
...how we react to what happens in our lives.

writing a test
giving a speech
Selye pointed out that our bodies adapt to stress, but it can't go on forever.
Too much or too little stress?
Selye discovered that each person has an optimal stress level, and that finding your optimal level can improve your performance.
Success Strategies
for Students

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This Prezi incorporates elements of several Prezis and PowerPoint presentations on Stress Management from:
Kakwasi Somadhi, Professor Emeritus, SCC
Gaby Bell
Melissa Valdez
Kristin Morris
1. Number of Assignments
2. Taking Exams
3. Size of Assignments
4. Low grades on exams or assignments
5. Assignment due dates
6. Class presentations
7. Overall course work load
8. Own expectations (high or low)
9. Spacing or frequency of exams
10. Class assignments
Top 10 College Stressors
Exercise - build it into your routine.
Always take the stairs
if you are able.
Pay attention to your alcohol and caffeine consumption.
Take slow, deep breaths. Always inhale slowly. Quick inhaling and shallow breaths cause negative reactions in your body.
Reach out for help. Talk to someone who cares about you.
Do good. Taking care of others reduces our stress and increases our resilience.
Eliminate multitasking. Do one thing at a time, and turn off all other devices and distractions.
Stress Management
There's also Freeze and Friend!
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