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Science of Sleep - AV Analysis

Analysis of the audio visual relationship seen in the dream sequence scene from the film. Relating to Michel Chion.

lincoln savage

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Science of Sleep - AV Analysis

Audio Visual
Analysis Going deeper The Science of Sleep mise-en-scène Michel Gondry & by Michel Gondry Stephane's dream
Telling a story with Audio and Visual elements (Henderson, 1971) Real world Studio Dream world Musical score adapts to each layer of dream and connects scenes together Synchresis forging of something one sees and something one hears Lincoln Savage 8085692 Sound effects,
Score music,
Voice, Set design,
Lighting, Falling asleep
Ominous score Cooking up dream
Curious score Faster for action Fantastical (Chion, 1976) Diegetic Sound is in Synch Diagetic sound is out of Synch Enhances dream like feel Voice Stephane is both Narrator and character As it is his dream: All other voices are dubbed with Imperceptible mumbling Stephanes voice: He is speaking over the top


Almost Acousmetre In the real world and Stephanes dream studio kitchen Diegetic / non-diegetic Example use of diegetic sound to disorientate and connect depth of dream: "Come in Action Two" Non-diagetic Diagetic Different diegetic source
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